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How do you discover new videos to watch daily?

I watch something every morning / evening while cooking or eating. Usually, it is a TEDTalk, but I'm interested in discovering new talks/videos around tech, arts, design, science or history. What would you recommend?
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@aleks_muse Vimeo is a pretty nice one. You can watch videos from different categories. Prefer it much more than YouTube.
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@aleks_muse If you are into tech/self-improvement I'd recommend YouTube. After a while, it tends to learn from you and improve each rating/recommendation. I just add all mine to watch later then let it play whilst cooking/hands-free activities.
@aleks_muse I agree with the others, Youtube tend to understand your behavior and suggest you cool videos to watch. You can also go to Google and search for you keywords. Good luck !
@aleks_muse I love the videos by Great Big Story . You can subscribe to them on YouTube as well
@aleks_muse The Kid Should See This ( hosts videos for the curious kid inside all of us. Fun, educational and, well, recreational... ;)
@aleks_muse Brain Pump ( is yet another "for the curious" set of videos. :)
@aleks_muse Research Stash is a curated collection of tools & News for S.T.E.M researchers
@aleks_muse SnipClip basically helps people discover the latest and the best video content on the internet.
@aleks_muse Burst Your bubble, go outside and see things which You were never interested in before
@aleks_muse Try Uncrate ( for a curated list of videos that span genres. :)
@aleks_muse Findie ( has fun videos with a "cinematic" experience that is addictive.
@aleks_muse Screenings ( has a fantastic collection of videos that can be filtered by topic, duration and more.
@aleks_muse DiggTV ( is the mother lode of videos classified by type. Warning: It is an addictive timekiller!
@aleks_muse Short of the Week ( has a collection of high-quality videos that you can watch again and again.
@aleks_muse I watch Stanford & Harvard commencement speeches, my favorite is
@aleks_muse Hey Aleksandra, subscribe to Bugrrito or follow on Twitter. We are developing a new kind of tech media. The burrito disruption is coming so we think music + tech talks is the next big thing in tech media industry. We are currently in Beta. If you want to see our demo:
. Maybe you'll use our tool to discover new videos 🙂🌯
@aleks_muse YouTube Subsriptions
@aleks_muse if you know the keywords that you want to watch, create alerts at or youtube subscription is also good choice.
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