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What's easiest way to create a site for your event?

Looking to easily create a site for a birthday party that allows me to send invites out via email or link, collect RSVPs, provide folks attending with information about the event (location, time, etc.)
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    Create The Perfect Event Site

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover83Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    I'm a fan of Splash. It's simple and has all the features you describe without looking as awful and ad-ridden as Evite and other free invite services.
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    Zack Shapiro
    Zack ShapiroDirector of Engineering at BUMP (YC W18) · Written
    I'm biased because I used to work there, but Splash is pretty great and incredibly easy to use
    Thomas Beuls
    Thomas BeulsMarcom manager at UgenTec · Written
    I just looked at this for 10 minutes, this seems really really easy to use! Don't know why the pricing is so obscure and hidden though.
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    Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava Mandiga15Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    Carrd has tons of templates for every use case under the sun! You can use it with Typeform to create a site that gives and collects info from your audience.
    Alex Andrews
    Alex AndrewsMarketing Manager · Written
    You can get a Carrd site up in under 5 minutes with a custom domain and free SSL. Carrd is so good!
    • Brendan Hersh
      Brendan Hershdev/designer/domainer

      Carrd is the most amazing web building platform I've seen to date- and trust me, I've tried everything. You start off with a blank page, or choose from expertly-designed templates, then you can build your own site with content LEGOs: drag text under an image, make a row of links across the top, or even add some of your own code.

      When you discover control bars that let you break your site into pages, though, it's when everything changes: Carrd goes from letting you create business-card like pages to making full-blown websites for anything- home base for your app with dedicated support and contact pages, a sign-up form for an event that plugs names and comments into a Google sheet, ANYTHING (how do I make extra bold?)

      Carrd is now my go-to tool for anything web-building related. I made a website for a friend and even made a few bucks off it. I'm also teaching an HTML class for my homeschool support group and there will be a whole lesson on Carrd!

      I just want to say thanks to @ajlkn for my favorite website for websites, ever.

    • Suraj Rajan
      Suraj RajanCo-founder,

      Found it to be extremely useful to create a profile site that I can easily share with people so they can find all my social media handles by just going here !

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    Paperless Post

    Invitations from inbox to in-real-life.

    Arj Singh
    Arj SinghTechie & Photographer · Written
    Im pretty sure they do digital invitations, not sure if they do RSVPs though.
  4. Johannes Ecker
    Johannes EckerDesigner @ BeeOne 🐝 · Written
    Haven't used it myself yet, but heard great things
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    Jose Zamora
    Jose ZamoraDev @ Sparkpost · Written
    I've been to events organized by Confetti and they were amazing. Both a 2 day conference and a related but separate after-party. They obviously used their own service for the website and that experience was really good as well. Ticket purchasing, info finding, and general design was great. The know the business well from both the tech and organizer perspectives.
  5. Sama Jashnani
    Sama JashnaniCo-Founder, DownToDash · Written
    I love Wix
    Anish Mathew
    Anish MathewCurious about Apps and Cars · Written
    I love Wix too
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    Events, from Facebook

    Find things to do near you

    Can Comertoglu
    Can ComertogluProduct @OneDrive (prev: Vimeo, Amzn) · Written
    Pretty much the simplest - create an event, and you can manage everything you asked for (send invites, collect RSVPs, location, time) and allows for a simple way for folks to send photos/videos they take to the group page so everyone has access!
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    Wix App

    Discover a new way to manage your website, business and blog

    thomas ross
    thomas rossStartup analyser and investor · Written
    The easiest and the FREE way to make a website is using a web builder. My recommendation is Wix
  8. Joe Geronimo
    Joe GeronimoFounder, Panther · Written
    Joe Geronimo made this product
    Panther is the easiest and quickest DIY website builder around
  9. Ankit
    AnkitDoer, · Written
    Ankit made this product
    Grab the files, choose and customize any of the free 8 templates. Absolutely free!
  10. Debasis Panda
    Debasis PandaFounder · Written
    Explara has tons of options to explore and to do it yourself features both for the small and big event.
  11. Helps you creating event website with lots of amazing features
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    Find people for group activities and travel

    Denis Anisimov made this product
    You can use Sharedtrip to create private(link-only) events. It covers your required flow perfectly with zero overhead. Disclaimer: I am a maker. Hope this helps!
    • Amina Fakhri
      Amina FakhriCopywriter

      This is genius! I love that I can plan a trip and rely only on my preference or choice of destination. If people want to join in - they can! I'm an independent traveler and I love to meet people, but I hate 'selling' activities to my friends. With Sharedtrip people find my trips and join if they are interested in birdwatching or scouting for Game of Thrones remote shooting locations. .

    • Nelly Kam
      Nelly KamRemote Product Designer & Digital nomad

      I helped this team and during that I just felt in love with this tool. With my friends we finally found where we can discuss, re-discuss, re-arrange all our plans about the event and not to uproar lots of chats we have.

      App is simple (I dont use Fb for events because of too much happening there).

      I also like their dream about safe and cheaper travelling.

      Usually, when I work from other city remotely, I'd love to find some people to go to the tours. Reaching them using social groups was awkward, tinder is about sex. Actually, I dont know any other product where you can make groups and nothing bothers you.

      Also I like the approval of people+leave review, that want to join group, it's airbnb model that really makes your trip open, but safe from trolls/


  13. Zachary Martin made this product
    This would be a great way to create and edit your site for your event!
  14. Deepak Bhardwaj
    Deepak BhardwajDigital Marketing Manager | Adflair · Written
    Create a Free Website in just few clicks. Add Event Detail, Products services and more....