Hampus JakobssonAngel investor

What is the best minimal team email logging tool?

I want a tool that, when you hover an email it shows you who in your "team" emailed with this person, when, and what subject the email had. I don't want a full-blown CRM or funnel reports, etc. A "team" is defined by a group of people authenticating their Gmail/GSuite under that joined team.
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    Collaborate right in your inbox

    I'm going to find some time to explain how & why Missive has been an absolute game changer for me. But in the mean time, yeah... +1 for Missive for doing exactly this.
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    Kyle RicheyCEO, ConquerApathy.com · Written
    I've been really enjoying Missive so far. You can tell who sent an email, assign to other team members, and chat behind the scenes, including assigning simple tasks to each other.
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    Front 1.0

    Collaborate on customer email and more as a team

    Thomas DIDIERHead of Marketing · Written
    If Front can't answer your need, pretty sure Mathilde (CEO) will help you on this email topic.
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    Build relationships, grow sales.

    Mike StanGrowth Engineer, predictleads.com · Written
    Nudge has a feature to view "email relationships" inside the team.
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    Does anyone get experiences with Affinity?
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    FullContact for Gmail

    Your Gmail Contacts. On steroids.

    Mike StanGrowth Engineer, predictleads.com · Written
    FullContact has a feature that enables teams to share contacts and view conversations. Not entirely what you're looking for but might be interesting.
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    Inbox by Zendesk

    Shared team email inbox.

    Francesco D'AlessioThe Productivity App Guy · Written
    This is very interactive as a team inbox for inquiries - it's created by Zendesk too!
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    Shawn CarpenterFounding CEO @YCharts, Xoogler · Written
    Shawn Carpenter made this product
    Offers very simple email tracking for Gmail users. In addition, users get access to a ton of sales intelligence data on companies.
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    Help Scout

    Help desk software for a more human & helpful experience

    Tom GrahamCo-founder, HeyUpdate · Written
    A great tool for teams to share inboxes. It scales well with the needs of a team.
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    Drag Pro

    Transform Gmail into organized To Do lists (like Trello)

    Nick Timms🏋️ Drag, 🚀 Whoisvisiting, 💭 more on site · Written
    Nick Timms made this product
    You should try Drag - it's a shared inbox. It will allow you to share boards, in Kanban, still in Gmail :)
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    Shared inbox for your team; in Slack

    Opeyemi ObembeFounder, engage.so · Written
    Opeyemi Obembe made this product
    SharedBox works directly within Slack; a tool teams are already familiar with