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What is the best and easy to use tool to create maps?

Looking to create a map based on some data points in my excel sheet.
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    Design and publish beautiful maps

    Julie Delanoy
    Julie Delanoy6Design at Product Hunt · Written
    I don't know about excel sheets and maps, but for sure, if you want to create a map, you should take a look at Mapbox!
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    CARTO is the premier Location Intelligence platform.

    I love using Carto, easy to create beautiful/insightful maps even for non coders.
    • I've been collaborating with the CARTO team to develop Martian-based applications, such as http://openplanetarymap.org/exolss. Both their support and the platform have proven to be highly reliable and adaptable to solving a wide range a problems.

    • Been using for a few years now and has become a staple of our news operation.

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    Infogram 2.0

    Create data-driven reports, maps and infographics

    Pedro Souto made this product
    If you want to create easily a map, try Infogram. More than 500 maps and data integration with google sheets, plus API. You can download maps as high-quality image or embed it in your website.
  4. Antony Bearpark
    Antony BearparkGraphic and Web Designer · Written
    Google Maps have the best maps, I think, around and whilst their My Maps service is still using their old design, the map creation is still great for adding locations, layers and sharing with friends
    FerminRP4Growth Hacker · Written
    The most simple tool and you can save it on google drive or share the map with anyone so they can open it on google maps.
  5. 2

    Medium for maps

    Ben Lang made this product
    Try Mapme if you don't want to code :)
  6. Laurent B.
    Laurent B.Web developer · Written
    If you are a developer in mind