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What are the best new startup ideas for 2018?

What are the best small business startup ideas using mobile apps and the latest technologies like AR, VR, IoT.
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Austin Teague@austinteague · Founder, CEO @ Vendly
@harendrasingh Browser extension that uses machine learning to read Tweets, Facebook posts or news articles and provide facts on the topic(s) being discussed. Also include a bias indicator to show if someone is including personal biases in their content, and if so how much and in which political spectrum.
@harendrasingh -- The best ideas in 2018 won’t be much different from the good ideas that already exist. The new ideas will make it easier for us to do what we’ve always done with new tech (ai, ar, vr, blockchain). "We often think of the internet enables you to do new things, but people just want to do the same things they’ve always done." — Ev Williams Some thoughts: Enterprise (SaaS): the consumerization of enterprise will continue into unsexy markets… https://www.housecanary.com, https://roofr.com/, http://www.withchalet.com Marketplaces: marketplaces will continue to merge into social networks (shop where you socialize) Houzz for X… https://nomadlist.com, https://unboxed.tv Brands: consumers will continue to discover internet-first brands at the places where they spend their time ( reddit, instagram, fb, kickstarter )…. https://onpurple.com, https://www.tecovas.com, https://rothys.com/ Access/ownership: consumers will continue demanding access vs. ownership in all aspects of life... https://www.fair.com, https://rentfeather.com, https://fatlama.com Education will get better and more immersive. Transportation will get more environmentally friendly. Socializing with friends and family will continue to become more frictionless. Things will be good and we’ll find more ways to make them better. “I don’t mean you’re all going to be happy. You’ll be unhappy – but in new, exciting and important ways.” - Edwin Land 😜
Harendrasingh Rajput - Harry@harendrasingh · Digital Marketing Consultant
@jhoff Wow its Big Ideas and need huge investment but nice idea, thanks for sharing...
@harendrasingh most of these companies got off the ground with little to no capital. Fair.com is the exception. Check out IndieHackers.com for more ideas.
Harendrasingh Rajput - Harry@harendrasingh · Digital Marketing Consultant
@jhoff Thanks buddy...
Mourad Ben Mahmoud@mourad_ben_mahmoud · Entrepeneur and investor @Btwinz.
@harendrasingh 1/ The ones no one knows about until they got featured in ProductHunt. 2/ The ones that comes from your passions in life. 3/ The ones with an ICO. :)
Harendrasingh Rajput - Harry@harendrasingh · Digital Marketing Consultant
@mourad_ben_mahmoud - specific ideas, which add values in industry verticals
Mothi Venkatesh@mothivenkatesh · Product Marketer at Playment
@harendrasingh Not sure, whether this would be fit in small business or not. 1. Training Data as a Service - like, Playment.io 2. Image Recognition as a Service - Pick one use case and explore in deep 3. Digital Agency - for AR, VR, IOT
Evgeny Goncharov@evgeny_goncharov · Gonzo MARTECH. Mob apps. BTC @goncharove
@harendrasingh Nobody could tell you the product's idea exactly (too much personal opinion). But we could glance at trends:) I can't attach a pic here, better on twitter https://twitter.com/goncharove/s...
Anchal Malik@anchal_malik · Content Creater
@harendrasingh there can be loads of ideas because of the invasion of technology in al the business industries. for example: 1. people who own a yacht, boat or cruise can start their own business by offering online booking through a mobile app. you can search on the internet there are lots of such apps available. here is a blog: http://bit.ly/2yDnMeB 2. taxi booking apps with the popularity of uber it is obvious that people are in search of affordable cab booking solutions so you can try out a taxi booking app for your local area like in India we have ola. if you want to learn more about taxi booking solution here is the help: http://bit.ly/2wZ76ep
Harendrasingh Rajput - Harry@harendrasingh · Digital Marketing Consultant
@anchal_malik - Thanks anchal for sharing blogs about business ideas, its very unique and trending too...
Abhishek Shankar@abhisheks · Heealthy
@harendrasingh Medical Tourism Marketplace like http://heealthy.com
Harendrasingh Rajput - Harry@harendrasingh · Digital Marketing Consultant
@abhisheks nice idea bro thanks for sharing
Sam Cholera@sam_cholera · Founder @ iSpy Sport Search
@harendrasingh @abhisheks really nice idea. had a look at London under a category, no listing. Might be a good idea to remove options in drop down until they have listings
Harendrasingh Rajput - Harry@harendrasingh · Digital Marketing Consultant
Srebalaji Thirumalai@srebalaji · Made in India. Startup enthusiast. Coder
@harendrasingh Building Saas for SMBs. SMBs are huge market globally. More SMBs are switching to cloud to run their businesses. And they are a huge market so no single player can dominate and everyone will have their share.
Harendrasingh Rajput - Harry@harendrasingh · Digital Marketing Consultant
@srebalaji - Nice Idea but I found so many SAAS Companies So I think we need to check some statistics about saas growth
Srebalaji Thirumalai@srebalaji · Made in India. Startup enthusiast. Coder
@harendrasingh I'm not an expert in this field. But I think SAAS is going to be big in the coming years. There are so many companies which are profitable in SAAS and there are many indie developers who are building bootstrapped, profitable software. And when it comes to SMBs there is a lot more opportunity in SAAS. SMBs need one-stop solutions for many services like HR, marketing, sales, supply chain, etc. I know there are already so many big players in this industry but the SMB industry is too big that no one can dominate it. Everyone will have a small share in this market.
Mary Palfray-Fabro@marylise · Hostme CMO
@harendrasingh Many answers are focused on technology and sometimes people forget they have to solve a problem. Just find an issue that people are ready to throw money at a company to solve for them. For instance TIME is a big issue these days, with both parents working, families are struggling for time. That's why the food delivery services have exploded in recent years. The concept is not revolutionary, but it's tacking a very real issue. Be real, be the solution and customers will come to you.
Daniel Wilkinson@wilkinson991 · Crowdfunder
@harendrasingh One thing we all need to keep in mind that is , every unique idea would not be a great startup. When google start it operation , yahoo is already there. Google's idea is not a unique one. Getting an idea is an easy thing , for that you need to dream about anything but the execution is really hard. According to me Big data and analytics are the big thing for future. Everywhere we put information. So it's really hard to get the real data. Simply facebook know about us more than we know ourselves. How? That is the power of information. Using big data and analytics facebook determined what we are going see or what we are going to read. When ever we searched any product on Google or any other search engine next time when we login in to our facebook , there will be an ad of the particular categories or some blog or pages post will floating. So probably the next big thing is big data and analytics. Apart from this if you want to start simple service based startups, can try the rental model service. You can rent mobile chargers in shopping mall or cafeteria with qr code bases payment model, or rent umbrella in rainy season , rent bicycle's in metros etc
Tweegenic1@asiedumarfo · Noble Investor
@harendrasingh As an entrepreneur, I am amazed at what a simple idea can accomplish. An idea buzzing around in your head, innovation that has no boundaries, plans that just need wings and determination that makes them soar – this is what a startup story is all about.
EbrahimKhalil Hassen@ebrahimkhalil · Entrepreneur
@harendrasingh - the ones that have customers :)
Rajath Dasanakodige@rajathdm · Hack Growth
@harendrasingh 1. Instagram for 360 photos/Spherical images/videos(maybe VR as well); Lots of new gear coming up but no great platform to share and distribute content 2. AI in Travel and Concierge like www.thewaylo.com/?ref=p 3. Portrait Video only apps. There are 100s of video apps but very few focus specifically on portrait. There's also a gap for editing/creation tools for portrait videos on mobile. 4. Digital Agency in emerging technologies like VR, AR etc.
Kirsten Lambertsen@mspseudolus · Engineer, Founder - Xapnik
@harendrasingh Anything: - using blockchain (or an evolution on blockchain) to decentralize platforms and services which currently have massive gatekeepers, like energy, internet access, internet search, credit scoring, etc.; - that effectively disrupts the dominant advertising revenue model of media of all kinds and turns consumers-as-product monetizing on its head without relying on the alternative, subscriptions; - that further erodes the current four-year college -> employment model and opens education to more people; - advancing us toward a reality of robotic bodies and transcoding a human's consciousness to sustainable software; - that makes retail fun again.
Harendrasingh Rajput - Harry@harendrasingh · Digital Marketing Consultant
@mspseudolus Good one, do you have any example combination of Industry + Blockchain?
Kirsten Lambertsen@mspseudolus · Engineer, Founder - Xapnik
@harendrasingh Energy seems to be coming up quickly. One example: http://lo3energy.com/projects/ Also, I dream of the day when FICO no longer exists :) It's completely broken. An open-sourced, decentralized way to evaluate an individual's lend-ability (aka credit worthiness) would, imo, be a global economic game changer.
OBD ScanMotors@obdscanmotors
@harendrasingh 1. DIY for cars like www.obdscanmotors.com :) 2. Personal Contact Management like Keytact (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...) 3. Personal Finances Control like www.mvelopes.com
Ryan Manor@rmanor · Product manager
@harendrasingh AR measuring apps, forever and always.
Harendrasingh Rajput - Harry@harendrasingh · Digital Marketing Consultant
@rage_rave Agree With you...
saravanan@saran945 · Founder of alertfor and taskbloom
@harendrasingh please mention about what country or segment you are targeting?
Harendrasingh Rajput - Harry@harendrasingh · Digital Marketing Consultant
@saran945 For Any country using latest technologies like ar, vr, iot, bI, cloud
saravanan@saran945 · Founder of alertfor and taskbloom
@harendrasingh not exactly an idea... but an approach. what are the things that are not possible before; but possible now with AR? use case: I want to purchase a t-shirt, but existing online stores are not giving me the feel of physical visit. use case: I want to purchase a home, but I have to visit physically each seller and finally have to decide, takes a long time. etc. whatever the task that is replacing the physical visit by using AR is mostly welcomed by customers. I will list 20 or 30 use cases (like above). I try with first idea that provides "immediate return on investment"
Harendrasingh Rajput - Harry@harendrasingh · Digital Marketing Consultant
@flavio_estevam - Thanks for sharing your idea flavio... any other ideas in your mind?
Dhananjay Yadav@dhananjay_yadav · Growth Hacking and Performance Marketing
@harendrasingh Here some of the interesting startups : a) Mitte (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) for IOT - They have already achieved more than 200 % funding on Kickstarter within first 5 days b) Razorpay (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) - Y Combinator Funded, they are the fastest growing Payment Solutions Company c) For AI, there is no one better the Niantic Inc - They were amazing with Pokemon GO (https://www.producthunt.com/post...)
Rajan Ramachandran@rajan_ramachandran · Founder and CEO at Optimuz Solutions
@harendrasingh With the huge success of social media, human reviews and recommendations has gained more significance. You should consider starting products similar to Zomato: Restaurant reviews TripAdvisor: Travel reviews Etc Use the same logic and take it other industries. Focus more on B2c industries and create apps which will have honest human reviews.
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