Chad LittlefieldCEO & Speaker at We!™

What are your favorite startup culture books?

I'm looking for products that help build trust internally and allow those relationships of trust to scale as a startup grows.
8 recommended
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    Creativity, Inc.

    Remarkable Insights by the President of Disney & Pixar

    Avi ZuberFull-stack Engineer @ Maze · Written
    This book talks about the importance of being candid, caring for employees, thinking outside the box and creating a culture that fosters creativity. Many of the points are shared through behind-the-scenes stories from classic Pixar movies, which makes it a very easy and enjoyable read.
  2. Julien GomezFounder, EEWORX · Written
    This one helps us build a big part of our culture. I recommend it!
    Lisa DziubaMaker & PMM. Built & Sold my startup 🦄 · Written
    love it too!
  3. Giri P PoonatiProduct & Design · Written
    This book talks about implementation of Design Thinking in organisations
  4. 6
    Innovation Thinking Methods for the Modern Entrepreneur

    A simple way to reliably find step-function better solutions

    Duane Wilson✌️Product & Engineering @DeltaHandPies · Written
    More entrepreneurs, and investors, need to focus away from safe & incremental solutions, towards bold & transformative ones... This book talks about how to build step function better ideas, not 2x itteration - but 10x better solutions, today!
  5. AlaguCo-founder at Peoplebox, YC Alum · Written
    If there is one book I'd refer for culture, it would be Tony Hsieh's book. Tony starts with his story around how he was able to make profits but still not was happy about it. Then he walks through the story of Zappos, why they moved to Vegas and how they built one of the best customer service companies in the world. Highly recommended read!
    Avi ZuberFull-stack Engineer @ Maze · Written
    This book is amazing.
  6. 2

    A book on how to build habit-forming products

    stanislas LVProduct Hunter / Maker / Manager / Lover · Written
    Probably the best and useful framework to build good user experience and habit-forming products !!!
  7. Lisa DziubaMaker & PMM. Built & Sold my startup 🦄 · Written
    I love this book, it's both motivational and practically useful.
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    Only the Paranoid Survive by Andy Grove

    When massive change occurs you have to adapt or will fall..

    Lisa DziubaMaker & PMM. Built & Sold my startup 🦄 · Written
    Reading it right now. Loved strategic advice and management mindset, described in the book.