Turn your Gmail & Outlook into Trello-like task lists 💌

Mila Chervenkova💪
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Without a Kanban board and Kanban cards my email inbox wouldn’t last I came across a Kanban tool with superpowers bigger than the moon. I logged in with G(mail) then tried with O(office365) the only email Kanban tool that will let you do so With an interface like gold and Flow like a sublime soul you move your cards so easily from left to your right workflow Labels and due dates let emails set and “don’t forget” and da smoothest timeline in one view reminds me of an upcoming lunch with my boo I will add a note and then some more To-dos will I ever need a Trello? no…no…no… With fast support reproducing every bug Confirmed! Flow-e’s support will make it work! No forgotten emails, meetings, or to-dos Flow-e transforms your email inbox into the neatest Kanban view. ----- If your email inbox is the definition of hell and chaos then Flow-e is your best shot - if you are looking for a personal Kanban software.