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Which is the Best Kanban Software?

I'm curious which is the Kanban software with the most advanced functionalities, user-friendly interface, responsive support and reasonable pricing. Let me know what's your experience.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    A.FairizFounder, Recite Lab · Written
    Free for small teams. Pre-loaded with useful templates. Multiple views on dataset (kanban, list, table etc)
    Zafer ArıcaniOS / macOS App Development Enthusiast · Written
    Especially with Zenkit 2.0, it provides quite comprehensive yet simple solution. Reference to other collections is easy. My Team and Favorites feature enable many different use cases.
    pretty good project management tool....
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    Organize anything, together

    Francesco D'AlessioProductivity App Reviewer · Written
    Trello is just perfect! Lots more coming soon with the support of Atlassian!
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    Srebalaji ThirumalaiMade in India. Startup enthusiast. Coder · Written
    I can only think of Trello :) :)
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    Katarina WajdaBlogger @ Innerpieces.blog · Written
    I like Trello, but I wish it has sub-tasks. That's pretty much my only issue with it.
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    Kanban Software for Lean Management

    Dima MorozDigital Marketer · Written
    Much more powerful than most of the Kanban-centered apps. Has workflow automation rules, boards & swimlanes, email integration and powerful analytics suite powered by ActionableAgile™
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    Realtime spreadsheet-database hybrid

    Sam SabriGrowth @ Polarr · Written
    I enjoy using Airtable for this :)
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    Zoho Projects 6

    A tool to help you manage projects successfully

    RamonStartup Enthusiast · Written
    Beautiful UI, comprehensive features and powerful automation. Editor's choice by Pcmag.
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    Notion 1.0 Web + Mac App

    Docs, wikis, tasks – a minimal & unified workspace for teams

    Francesco D'AlessioProductivity App Reviewer · Written
    Despite Trello being my favorite kanban tool. I'd like to give a nod to Notion. Growing rapidly, it provides a flexible way to create roadmaps, docs, kanbans, pretty much anything! It's neat!
    Ivan ZhaoCo-founder, Notion · Written
    Ivan Zhao made this product
    It's a document editor but you can drag & drop to create Kanban layouts for pretty much anything.
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    Agile task management, kanban, scrum, sprints and timers

    Ora has some really nice features over and above Trello, such as parent-child relationships for cards to help with dependencies. They also have multiple views. Pretty cool product.
  8. AiAi.careCode-charity ⛑ Tuberculosis, X-Ray, ML · Written
    Free, and better than all other paid products out there. This one is a hidden-gem.
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    Manage everything from the smallest tasks

    Favro is a new kid on the block that's tackling the challenge of how you keep oversight of multiple projects and teams using processes like Agile. I quite liked what I saw.
    Nader J AboulhosonDigital Marketing Consultant · Written
    I love the manager view here!
  10. Nader J AboulhosonDigital Marketing Consultant · Written
    Beautiful Interface, Extremely responsive team, very fast updates!
    Nader J AboulhosonDigital Marketing Consultant · Written
    Beautiful Interface, Extremely responsive team, very fast updates!
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    Visual task management with chat and performance analytics.

    Francesco D'AlessioProductivity App Reviewer · Written
    Notable mention. TaskWorld is a nifty Kanban tool for teams!
  12. Nandini SharmaMarketing Engineer · Written
    Workflows and kanban boards in ProofHub make your task management processes simplified by letting you define a custom workflow for the team, which you can improve to bring more flexibility in your work.
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    The Сomplete Project Management Platform for Agile Teams

    Kate KrivosheinaMarketing Lead at Atlaz.io · Edited
    Kate Krivosheina made this product
    It is definitely Atlaz! It has everything you need to ship your projects with the help of Kanban methodology: time tracking, swimlanes, WIP limits, Reporting and even more cool features.
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    IC Project

    Simple but useful project management system

    Mike made this product
    Better than trello, easier than Jira. IC Project gives you all you need to manage project. Internat chat, CRM, time tracking, files and many more. I would recommend it with all my heart.
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    Sortd for Gmail

    Trello for Gmail - Transform your email into organized lists

    Rodney KuhnCo-founder Sortd · Written
    Rodney Kuhn made this product
    If Trello & Gmail had a love child, it would be Sortd!
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    Nifty: Project Management

    Delivering the future of project & task management

    Shiv KapoorFounder & CEO, Nifty · Written
    Shiv Kapoor made this product
    Nifty is project management redefined. Task lists are sorted vertically as opposed to kanban style to offer more value by including sub-tasks that can be assigned to various team members with individual due dates.
  17. Alexandra CoteDigital Marketer · Written
    If you're looking for advanced functionalities, this is the project management app for you. It's also free for individual users.