Marlon Wayne
Marlon WayneFounder @ Impulse

What's the best indoor smart lock?

I'm looking for a Homekit enabled smart lock for my bedroom door, because I have roommates. I haven't found anything that looks good and most of these products are geared toward the outside door (primarily focusing on the deadbolt).
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    Super elegant smart lock

    Ganesh Babu
    Ganesh BabuArchitect, Designer · Written
    Aesthetics: Minimal and neat, and has interchangeable shells to match your door Function: Works with homekit. Has a powerful app.
    Joe Lesina
    Joe LesinaCMO — · Written
    I worked for the company and can definitely recommend it!
  2. 2
    Gate Smart Lock

    The first all-in-one connected smart lock

    The most complete solution is Gate. It packs a mechanical lock, a high resolution video camera, a numerical keypad, speakers, microphone, and WiFi-based app integration into a single device.
  3. Minal kewat
    Minal kewatiOS App Developer · Written
    This is a very solid smart lock that offers a true convenience upgrade for your front door.
  4. 1
    August Smart Lock (3rd Generation)

    Control your door & give access through your smartphone.

    Andre Flores
    Andre FloresUX/UI Designer, Side-Project Addict · Written
    I have August and I love it. Not really much difference from all the other smartlocks... just aesthetics and third party software/hardware support i.e. Google Home, etc. It's also Homekit enabled.
    • Adam S Hurwitz
      Adam S HurwitzAndroid Developer

      Setting up key code entry for deliveries and pickups is extremely convenient and I look forward to testing out how this goes with various services moving forward.

      The biggest asks:

      • Customize my notifications - I love receiving confirmation when I leave that the door was locked behind me, but would like to turn off all of the notifications regarding my room mates coming and going.

      • Auto generate and fill August temporary key code into shipping details in other Android apps upon checkout.