What is the best free alternative to Google Finance portfolio tracker?

Google Finance is shutting down so I'm looking for something similar, a simple way to keep an eye on my stock portfolio.
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  1. We build the portfolio tool to give a simple way of tracking portfolio holdings and their performance. It gives useful insights that include portfolio news, insider tradings, sector map views, notifications, and individual company financials. It doesn't currently support all the holdings Google Finance used to but it is one of the best alternatives.
  2. Rajiv BhatiaEquity Analyst/Full-Stack Developer · Written
    Rajiv Bhatia made this product
    After Google Shut down I built First Page Finance - an easy to use site with similar features
  3. When I found out that the Google Finance is shutting down their Portfolios feature, I started looking for an alternative for Google. I found AlphaTrackr, which is very simple portfolio tracking tool. This is the best alternative for Google Finance's portfolios that I've found. Additionally, AlphaTrackr offers comprehensive reports, stock screening tool, etc..