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What is the best apps for vloggers?

Looking to create a collection of apps and tool for creating a vlog on YouTube.
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    Soundtrack your life

    Andreas Zecher made this product
    Moodelizer Studio makes it easy for creators to add quality music to their videos. It comes with a wide range of soundtracks that are composed for dynamic playback, so you can customize the music to fit your video perfectly. You can adjust the intensity, variation and tempo.
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    MacBook 12"

    The new 12" MacBook with a retina display

    Minal kewat
    Minal kewatiOS App Developer · Written
    iMovie is one of the most favorite video editing tool for vlogger by Apple which has everything already set in it. You can edit your movie or video in many possible ways, for example: adding text to a video or voice over, adding animations and picture in picture. The overlay of the software is the pretty simple and it is a must have tool for every new video blogger. The main features include changing the speed of a particular portion of the video, cutting and trimming down the video.
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    Websites for YouTube creators

    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    A way to present your channel how you want it, and keep people engaged in your content.
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    Smart social video creator for your business

    Its quick and no nonsense
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    Afshana Diya
    Afshana DiyaCMO, WPDeveloper · Written
    a great way to demonstrate how something online works.