What's the best direct sales CRM for non-salespeople?

I'm looking to do a lot of direct sales emails for my new product (UserCompass.com) and I'm looking for a CRM that's setup to work well with direct sales (cold emailing). Preferably I'd like something that's aimed at someone like me, a developer/designer that doesn't consider himself a salesman, but does sales. Are there any good Direct Sales CRM's that are aimed at non-salesman (devs/designers)? Sounds a bit specific I know, but there's so many CRM's out there I'd thought there'd be one for me.
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    Salesflare CRM

    Intelligent sales CRM for startups who thrive on technology

    Sampath SI blog at http://sampathspeaks.com · Written
    Works smooth as Silk, despite loaded with a lot of features & very reasonably priced
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    CRM in your inbox - for Gmail

    James Welch5CEO @ innovationcompany.co.uk · Written
    Yep, works brilliantly inside gmail. Great pipeline vizualisations
    Derek ShanahanThree Hex, Cloud Unicorn · Written
    May be a good fit. Lightweight, in-email, good funnel building.
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    A CRM with built-in calling, SMS, and email

    Kenton WardCEO, Bookitbee · Written
    Pricey but easy to use effectively - use with drip email for cold emailing
  4. You've got to try Bitrix24. Even though it's free, it has more direct marketing tools than most commercial CRM options. See https://www.bitrix24.com/feature...
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    Freshsales CRM

    A full-fledged CRM for high-velocity sales teams.

    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    I think Freshsales could make a great case for itself here. It is feature-packed and built from ground-up for high-velocity sales. The extremely intuitive UI makes it easy for traditionally non-salespeople to get started with the CRM in a jiffy. The best part - a free 30-day trial and a lifetime free plan for upto 10 agents.