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Are there any better and cheaper alternative for Throttle Pro?

Please recommend tools that helps in decreasing email overload and spam
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  1. don
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    Bulc Club ( is a 100% free email filtering and forwarding service that provides unlimited email forwarders that simple forward mail to your inbox. Because you can disable them instantly and individually, you never have to worry about sharing them online or with retailers. If a forwarder starts to receive spam, simply click the "Block" button. There are two wonderful things about this: 1) You don't have to check any inboxes other than your own personal email, so it saves a lot of time and energy. 2) Every time a member blocks a sender, their spam score (or Member Rating) increases. If that score gets above 50%, Bulc Club not only stops delivering the mail to you, but also to all their other members, holding it in a queue instead. This unique approach saves you and all other members a ton of work over time. The more members, the stronger the ratings, the greater your chance of never receiving spam again.