(((Andrew Roiter)))
(((Andrew Roiter)))Digital Producer

What is a good team calendar app?

I'm looking for something where it's a shared calendar and items can be assigned to a day and then tagged. Like "Coding Project Due — Johnny" and that would appear as an item on the calendar.
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    Organize anything, together

    Anh Nguyen
    Anh NguyenFounder & CEO, Tesse · Written
    We use Trello!
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    Google Calendar

    Spend less time managing your day, now on iOS

    I would go with Google Calendar. 1. create a secondary calendar for e.g "Team Calendar" in your Google Calendar. 2. Share it with required people. 3. All team members with whom this calendar is shared can select items in this calendar to be displayed in their calendar. 4. Now whenever you create any item on this shared calendar, all members can see that in their own calendar. If you are using G Suite (business version of Gmail/calendar etc), you can also leverage "Resource Calendars" to compliment your team calendar.
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    IC Project

    Simple but useful project management system

    Mike made this product
    We use only that tool. Looks fantastic. You can make event in calendar with people. More - you can see when that people are busy (have their own events). System reminde you about every event or meeting.
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    Calendar for private planning and sharing schedules

    Everyone's schedules on one calendar Group members' schedules on one calendar you can easily catch up your group's plan
  5. Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh Rasakatla18Sr. Digital Marketer · Written
    You could try Agile CRM's calendar feature (https://www.agilecrm.com/calendar) with which you can create, manage and track events & tasks. Furthermore, you can share your calendar with ical, schedule activities, keep track of notes, set priority, check in-progress status, manage tasks, sync with Google calendar, schedule your appointments.
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    Made by designers, for designers to perform better as a team

    Frans Leys
    Frans LeysSolutions Engineer at PieSync. · Written
    Had some good experiences with Monday (previously called DaPulse)
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    AI powered team messaging, task management and video calls

    Tweegenic1Noble Investor · Written
    If you’re looking for a team calendar/ project management tool, Hibox is the perfect solution. Hibox is a collaborative platform and a task management solution for teams.
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    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Elliot Volkman
    Elliot VolkmanTech Reporter and Gadget Reviewer · Written
    It can certainly work for coding projects, but personally I use this for all types (including marketing, editorial, and general campaigns).
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    Turn your to-do list into a real work plan

    Filipa Nascimento made this product
    Outplanr turns your to-do lists into real, feasible work plans, that also include time spent on meetings. You can now visualize in calendar board each person’s workload and assign them new tasks across all projects in one go.
  10. Alexandra Cote
    Alexandra CoteDigital Marketer · Written
    A complete project management tool to improve your team's productivity and task management.