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What's the best email app for Mac OS?

What is your go-to mail app for Mac?
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    Spark for Mac

    Beautiful and intelligent email app

    Ciocanel RazvanCo-Founder of EpicCoders · Written
    I use this because it has great apps on mobile and mac and also the accounts sync between the apps so you don't have to do it twice. It also sorts emails similar to what gmail does and i find that really cool. You also can schedule emails for later read.
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    Doug C. HardesterFront End Designer and Developer · Written
    Spark has been great for me on iOS. I'll be honest, I use Airmail on desktop but on mobile Spark's performance and simplicity has kept me a user. I've never experienced any problems with snoozing, conversations etc. Plus, unlike Google Inbox, it supports pretty much any email account. I utilize Zoho for personal email so that is huge. Good luck!
    Bret PrinsWeb Developer + Coffee Snob · Written
    Found Spark after Polymail switched over to a less than enticing paid subscription model. Been super happy with Spark though! Its reliable, quick, and simple. It doesn't have any big heavy lifting features, but for free I don't think there's anything better right now. Spark if you're reading this! Find a way to integrate people's calendars into your App. I bet it would explode in popularity ;)
    • Alex HaffEntertainment // Media // Technology

      I've been using Spark since the very beginning. I was an original waitlist-starting user of Mailbox, and was excited to find spark almost immediately after Mailbox went extinct. This is the best email experience on every platform, and has a variety of productivity features that make it my go-to.

    • Ever since Mailbox became a graveyard app, I have been looking for a worthy replacement – and Spark is as close as it gets! The UI is clean, combining dark and light colors which helps with using the app; the side menu being dark while the rest of the UI has a white background makes you focus on the important stuff (the mail list and the mail in focus)!

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    Airmail 3

    A simple, beautiful email client for Mac and iOS

    Jeff DashleyWeb Designer, sometimes · Written
    Just spent a couple of weeks testing Newton, Polymail, and Spark after a couple of years with Airmail. Sometimes you just want to test the waters. Airmail still remains the best for me and my routines. The others offer great features and nice looks, but I wasn't able to find a reason to switch in the end.
    Kesava Mandiga14Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    Quick and responsive, Airmail is a well-designed email client for Mac. Comes out of the box with loads of integrations to other services you might use (Trello, OmniFocus, Google Drive and more). Supports GTD-type tagging of emails as to-do tasks too!
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    AJ AdamsProduct Designer · Written
    I use Airmail to manage a variety of emails and it's spot on, especially for the power user. If you don't need exchange support, Polymail is also killer.
    • I've been actively searching for an email client that gave me a universal inbox for all my accounts. As a consultant, I regularly have 3+ client email addresses in addition to my main 3-- work, personal, business campaign funnel. I love the sleek design and ability to reach inbox zero. I already have a good email system, so those who dont actively use folders may not be as wowed as I was -- and still am. Looking forward to continued updates, bug fixes and app integrations.

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    A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac

    Halsey HuthVenture Investor at Hodl Ventures · Written
    Lets me hold multiple email accounts, they add new features all the time, Can't imagine going back to anything else
    Ayush Mittal27bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Been using Polymail. Beautiful UI, great features with the same lightweight, seamless interface that you should expect from a native email client. Email tracking, snooze, attachment tracking, contact profiles, send later, etc.
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Polymail is easily the best yet. At least, it works magic for me. With features like email tracking, contacts, schedules and many more, Polymail for Mac fits my needs.
    • Chad WhitakerProduct Designer at Product Hunt 👋

      Polymail picked up where Mailbox left us hanging. Implementing all the best features like "Read Later" scheduling and swipe actions — all housed in a clean design.

      Lately, I've noticed that Polymail is focusing more on biz dev and sales productivity with Polymail Pro. Understandable, with Sparrow and Mailbox being sold off and shut down. It's clear that email clients need to become profitable to survive. Unfortunately, I'm often pressured into features that I would never use via prompts and popups.

      I have used Polymail for a couple of years now. I still notice a few small bugs around rendering emails, and the Read Later queue can break down if you have several threads saved. Still hoping these issues will be fixed soon. 🙏

      Overall the app still functions great and is my daily email client.

    • Kevin LouFounder, Anytable 🍜

      I recently gave Polymail another try and it's indispensable now. Fast mailbox switching and read receipts are the killer features for me.

      Love Polymail for the Mac, but the iOS app doesn't do it for me. When I'm on my phone, Inbox is my go-to.

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    Newton by CloudMagic

    Supercharged emailing with space-age features

    Drew DavidsonPresident, Link 3pl · Written
    Great UI that keeps things clean and polished. Beautifully designed UX that lets you focus on your desired emails and gets rid of the clutter. It provides quick actions to really make managing your email a breeze. I really enjoy it, if you can't tell.
    Joao CostaProduct guy and rain maker... · Written
    Great product with great features (send later, read receipt, reminders, undo...), I love it!
    Ivan Mir3maker of Qbserve time tracking app · Written
    I don't need a separate email client in general because Fastmail's web UI is amazing but use Newton mail for read receipts and scheduled emails
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    AI meets email for Mac, iOS and Android

    Jeff BrownJeffery Brown, Network Engineer · Written
    I love Astro. The features are intuitive to learn and the UI is really clean. It helps me keep the emails I need to worry about in focus and the emails that I don't out of focus. The reply tracking feature keeps me from forgetting to follow up on emails and the open tracking feature lets me know if someone has actually opened my email or not.
    Enrique BarragánSoftware Developer @ Disruptive Angels · Written
    I like the AI in this one, helps me declutter my inbox by unsubscribing to old newsletters that I don't read anymore, reminds me to send emails and lets me know when an important message arrives.
    Love the snooze feature, the reply tracking feature... and more over... the email open tracking feature... which helps me to say "Of course, you know my point of view because you open the email at (time). And the team behind is very reactive.
    • Howard KeziahCEO, Impact Technologies Group, Inc.

      My mail client has to handle my personal as well as business mail. My life isn't neatly divided into work and non-work. All my personal mail is through my mac address. Not supporting that makes it worthless to me.

    • Anders S. MortensenDesigner, copenhagen

      Just switched to this email client both on my Mac and my iPhone. I'm very impressed with how easy this is to use without too many bells and whistles.

      I don't use the calendar though as I only use iCloud Calendar and not the calendar attached to my gmail.

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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    BenBenSites · Written
    Inbox is great - it's easy to sort out what matters from promotional junk mail while still making everything easily accessible. It brings all of the great features from GMail, along with extra features (delivery tracking, reminders, snoozing, special ways to see your subscriptions, etc).
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    • I pretty much like all things Google, but Inbox just isn't for me. I much prefer good old fashioned Gmail on my iPhone. The way Inbox sorts my emails doesn't always make sense to me, and I suppose I'd rather sort it myself. There are definitely better email apps out there. I know because I've tried a bunch of them.

    • I like & hate inbox for the same features.

      It´s the first time my Mailbox feels sorted and clean. That said Inbox dicards eamils as unimportant, doesn't show notifications for all emails and shows how much it knows about my friends, travel agrangements and so on.

      I do think a manual hosted version would be really great but I doubt we will see something soon.

      In the end its a Google Product which means no updates and in 2 years we get the next version of it. It lacks a lot of things you can't do with it. For instance multiple Accounts, S/MIME encryption and ways to highlight a lot more.

  7. James Welch5CEO @ · Written
    I still think the web version of gmail is the best. Tried several apps and always gone back to the web app.
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    Lightning fast mail client for OS X

    Matt HeslingtonBali Villas Holiday Vacation Rentals · Written
    Excellent for those working with a large number of email accounts.
    Handles multiple email accounts very well, and gives great performance at the same time !
    Mike BianchiniChief Operating Officer, Municibid · Written
    Tried probably 5-8 different mail apps and this is the best. Works great for multiple accounts and the UI is very nice.
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    Easy and fast access to web applications

    That is a fantastic program. I started working much faster. Everything you need at your fingertips. Thanks!)
    I tried a variety of alternatives. But I could not find something better. This application helps with cosmic speed to work with services like Trello and Hubspot.
    • Alex MoonseraHipster development

      Using it for music, Google Translate, and recently started using web version of Skype through Firework (because desktop version started munching on CPU and RAM all of a sudden).

      Updates keep coming, they really listen to user requests. App is stable now, im satisfied with it.

    • Jon TolentinoI am very

      Overall I like it.

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something about the ADS in website.

      Make it block the ads in website. sample I use it to watch series in some shady website that has ads all over the place.

      I know problem is mostly in me but the adblock part will be really great.

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    Canary Mail 2.0

    Easy, elegant email for Mac

    Easy, elegant email for Mac
    A quick, reliable email that's constantly improving.
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    Nylas N1 Email App

    The extensible, open source mail client.

    Armand JayFounder at & Student at CSU · Written
    Super reliable app with a bunch of useful features like email tracking and read receipts!
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    • Frank SchwarzExec. Producer of The SEO Show

      Not a fan of Thunderbird. Very 80's looking and I wanted to try out Nylas.

      Loving it right now and not finding any bugs as of yet.

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    Switch between Gmail accounts like a boss.

    Tobyn SowdenCEO @ Redbrick · Written
    Tobyn Sowden made this product
    Amazing for switching between your web mail accounts.
    • Scott LewisWeb Developer. Icon Designer. Blogger.

      To be honest, I don't get excited about email clients. I don't even like email, truth be told, but I like email a whole lot more than I like talking on the phone. I have multiple Gmail accounts for my various websites. Having to use Gmail in a web browser is painful, sloppy, and cumbersome. What I like most about Shift is the ability to just hide the window when I don't want email in my face, but I can easily switch to it when needed.

      Switching between accounts is super easy and nicely organized (tabs). As far as the Gmail UI, once you are in the mail client it is identical. My guess is that Shift is built using the Node-Webkit framework so it is technically just a web browser with some nice bells and whistles in an enclosed environment. But that is not only fine, it's perfect. Why reinvent the wheel?

      Shift is basically a much better UX wrapper for Gmail than Google currently makes available. It is such a simple idea but it is excellently implemented.

      After using the free version for a bit I upgraded to Pro to help support quality work and for a few extra benefits & features.

      Money well spent, IMHO.

    • Ninad FaterpekarUX Designer, Barclays

      I've used this product on and off for a year. Apart from the constant bugs, the overall experience of the product is pretty decent. However, they lost me when they added that awful " Sent with shift " signature in my signature with no chance of removing it.

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    The best way to use [all your] Gmail [accounts] on your mac

    Andrew CrookstonDeveloper and Entrepenur · Written
    I've tried several of the others mentioned above (like Nylas and Spark) but I keep coming back to Mailplane because it's so easy to use. It's essentially a wrapper around the google interface + some goodies like unread counts in dock / menu bar + native bindings. There's another similar app out there called Kiwi for Gmail, does about the same, I don't know what differs them.
    It's basically just but as a standalone app.
  14. Den Delimarskyhusband ✪ pm @docsmsft · Written
    It's reliable, supports multiple accounts from any provider, and comes with rich tooling on information protection, calendaring and tasks. Updates frequently and supports integration with Office365. Been using it as the only mail client on my Mac and couldn't be happier.
  15. Stephanie GonzagaWriter/Blogger/Book Collector · Written
    I'm a Postbox user for years and this has been the best desktop client I've used thus far. You can create smart mailboxes, customized signatures based off of provided templates, open inboxes in tabs, and install plugins that allow you to extend Postbox's functionality, like attaching Dropbox or Box files to your messages.
  16. Yuno 🎉Developer, Yuno Studio · Written
    As a heavy user of Google Inbox, I prefer using a standalone inbox client instead of a browser tab for my emails. Wavebox does a really great job for that. Plus Wavebox also allows you to include Google Drive, Outlook or any other web apps you use a lot right into the Wavebox app.
  17. CocoaBobLead iOS developer · Written
    It's still the best email app on Mac. Clean design, instant notifications, status bar icon, multi accounts, shortcuts, sort by time, etc.
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    Turn Your Favorite Web Apps into Real Mac Apps

    J.L.MFunemployed. · Written
    I love Fluid. I am able to make apps out of my various email provider accounts. It's really handy. The only downside is that Im having trouble incorporating LastPass to function within the app, so sometimes I have to add the login/pass manually. But its GREAT for websites you visit on the reg.
    • Tyler MillerDesigner

      I always return to Fluid - recently, I tried to find a suitable Twitter Mac Client and in the end, nothing was better than a Fluid shell.

      I use it for FB Messenger, as Goofy had many problems. Medium, Bandcamp & Instagram work too.

    • This used to be one of my most used apps, still is to some extent, I use it for some web apps. But very unfortunately the dev abandoned it. Although the website says nothing of the fact, I think just one update was posted for the last couple of years and several emails with support questions / request remained ignored.

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    Kiwi for Gmail

    The only true email client for Gmail on Mac

    Andrew CrookstonDeveloper and Entrepenur · Written
    I prefer Mailplane which I also posted but this is a good alternative / similar to Mailplane.
    • Matthew DunnChief Explainer, Say It Visually

      One college-student son said "I practically gave up the browser" when I put Kiwi on his Mac. The other said "not getting it." I use Kiwi constantly.

      With a single Gmail account, it might not rock your world.

      With multiple accounts, it's really a massive improvement.

  20. Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Edited
    Thunderbird has more customization than any other Email client on macOS... If you're having trouble believing me then look @ If you're looking to fully customize your Email experience then use an open-source client. @mozilla
    Reliable. And if you have plenty of emails or large emails, Thunderbird is the most reliable and efficient GUI email client you can have!