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Julian Lehr
Julian LehrFitter, happier and more productive.

What are the best books / resources on venture capital? πŸ’°

I'm starting my own company and don't have any experience talking to VCs or negotiating co-founder equity. What books or other resources would you recommend?
5 recommended
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    Amazon Go

    Amazon stores with no lines or checkout πŸ›

    Michael Deng
    Michael DengCurrently working on something new Β· Written
    This is a very useful book for learning about venture capital as an aspiring entrepreneur!
    Saul Fleischman
    Saul FleischmanRiteKit Founder & CEO Β· Written
    I've read it twice, it's the bible. Better yet, take the free VD course. https://kfatechstars.novoed.com/... < this is in progress, but they repeat it.
  2. 7
    Pitch Anything

    The exclusive STRONG method of pitching

    Max Royale
    Max Royalesearching for signs of intelligent life Β· Written
    Get in the correct mindset and play the game right. Goes into the real and primal reasons investors fund companies.
  3. 4
    Mohammed Rafy
    Mohammed RafyAll things Community Β· Written
    One of the successful Silicon Vally investor Jason Calacanis shares his experience in the book.
  4. 3
    Get Backed

    Launch the venture of your dreams

    Ross Rojek
    Ross RojekCTO, GoLocalApps.com, Apptoolkit.io Β· Written
    Great book, lots of good examples, and easy to read and use. I interviewed the authors (Evan Baehr and Evan Loomis) for my Startup Book Buzz podcast here if you're interested in some more info. http://startupbookbuzz.podbean.c...
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