Brandon AnzaldiSoftware Engineer @ goop

What are the best self-hosted apps you use?

Whether it's a git server, kanban board, dashboards, or anything else, what are some awesome self-hosted products?
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    Open source, on-premises, Slack alternative

    Kesava MandigaCurious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    A team messaging and collaboration tool that can be self-hosted. All your data, in your control. :)
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    The open-source Trello-like kanban

    Brandon AnzaldiSoftware Engineer @ goop · Written
    This was one of the first things I threw up on my "personal cloud" server. It's great to have your own little Trello-like site without any limitations.
  3. Brandon AnzaldiSoftware Engineer @ goop · Written
    While Github is nice, it's good to have a little more control over your own projects sometimes, and Gitea makes that easy.