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What is the best way to present your startup to the world and make it discoverable?

Besides PH, does any of you know a great & efficient way (free if possible πŸ˜‡) to promote, present, diffuse the presence of your startup on the Internet ? πŸ’‘πŸŒ
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    Promote your business on 100 directories with a single click

    pherkanproduct designer at envision | Β· Written
    Saw this one a few days ago, might be helpful.
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    Discover tomorrow's startups, today.

    Kesava Mandiga15Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. Β· Written
    Betalist shares a list of interesting startups every day, so they are a good option if you want to establish and build your presence.
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    Submit Juice

    Curated list of 152+ Directories to promote your startup

    Jaisal Ratheehttps://www.submitjuice.com Β· Written
    Jaisal Rathee made this product
    I recently launched Submit Juice to help with this problem :) We were voted #4 Product of the day.