Siddardha ThammanaDigital Marketer

Is there a way to track trending hashtags on social media?

I am looking for a tool that is tracking the trending hashtags on social media sites like FB, Twitter, Instagram
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    A powerful, award-winning app for media monitoring 🚀

    Kuba RogalskiContent Writer at LiveChat · Written
    Kuba Rogalski made this product
    I guess we could help you with that! We're a web and social media monitoring tool that collects and analyzes all online mentions of predefined keywords. Of all mentions, the tool then analyzes these ones containing hashtags and identifies the top 100 most popular hashtags used in these mentions. Have a look at this blog post to get some more details on how to set this up :)
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    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    Find the most popular hashtags on Twitter.
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    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    All-in-one solution for Instagram hashtags, tracking and more.