What do you think of Twitter's 280 character experiment? Prefer 140?

Twitter shocked the world by announcing an experiment: going away from the iconic 140-character limit and expanding it to 280. Comment below and vote here https://twitter.com/ProductHunt/...
@producthunt A lot of people seem to not agree with their decision. But if you take the time to actually read the article they wrote about the reason as to why for the sudden change, it does makes a lot of sense.
@producthunt @stefanmiodrag get out of here with your "reading" and "rational thinking." Seriously though, I feel the same way. Everyone bitches but the reason for change makes a lot of sense.
@producthunt @sethsrichadv Haha, true. Wouldn't surprise me if most people reacted just from hearing "280 characters" without knowing the context. But hey, it's cool to hate on stuff, right?