What do you think of Twitter's 280 character experiment? Prefer 140?

Twitter shocked the world by announcing an experiment: going away from the iconic 140-character limit and expanding it to 280. Comment below and vote here https://twitter.com/ProductHunt/...
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@producthunt 280-character limit is terrible. The beauty of Twitter is that it forces you to express ideas in concise and clear statements. (1/100)
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Donald Trump does not need any more characters
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@alancassinelli almost the whole world is begging that POTUS doesn't get this. 😂
2016: GIF button🥁 2017: 280 characters🐥 2018: GIF profile pics🤹‍♂️ 2019: Editing tweets🏆 This is the greatest time to be alive in history.
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@nivo0o0 as I've said before, no one isn't using Twitter because they can't edit tweets. I feel the same about the >140 character debate. It might improve engagement, but it's a minor optimization if anything.
@nivo0o0 slowest product roadmap in history.
@producthunt A lot of people seem to not agree with their decision. But if you take the time to actually read the article they wrote about the reason as to why for the sudden change, it does makes a lot of sense.
@producthunt @stefanmiodrag get out of here with your "reading" and "rational thinking." Seriously though, I feel the same way. Everyone bitches but the reason for change makes a lot of sense.
@producthunt @sethsrichadv Haha, true. Wouldn't surprise me if most people reacted just from hearing "280 characters" without knowing the context. But hey, it's cool to hate on stuff, right?
I am looking forward to the new wave of Twitter comedians who bring new formats and memes with the 280 character limit.
@nivo0o0 we need a thread for that on Ask Product Hunt. A lot happening already. 😂
We are going to Mars with two hundred and eighty.
@producthunt What are the metric that they are trying to improve with it ? If they are looking for more time reading, I would prefer to test and improve a tweet storm feature, which is already used by the user. Keep the scarcity of 140 and make a user behavior into a real thing, not a workaround.
@producthunt this smells of advertising influence to raise revenue. Simple is better.
@producthunt Please do read the twitter post explaining the decision. Moreover, all of you showing such a displeasure on 280 decision, never use more than 140 characters for your tweets in future. Show the world that you are fine with 140 and let others live with 280.
@producthunt I find it interesting, operating within forced constraints, so the limitation of 140 characters will be sorely missed. It was always a bit of a challenge, to reduce what you wanted to tweet, to a bare minimum - a challenge I enjoyed.
@producthunt It may be a bit easier to extend thoughts with the 280 character limit but it also gives people the power to write a book instead of a tweet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@producthunt it doesn't matter all that much to me. Even as an avid user of Twitter, I've always believed the character limit was a tad arbitrary. (I'm very aware this opinion is in an extreme minority.) That said, I don't really believe expanding the limit is all that necessary, either. This seems to be another one of Twitter's peculiar changes that have no rhyme or reason. It comes off as a sort of desperation, hoping outsiders will get excited and want to join.
@producthunt they have been talking about doing this for some time so no shock from me. I am not yet certain how this will impact the Consumption Experience. But Tweets will become twice as wordy. Not sure how that helps consumption. Less Tweet Threads or Storms might be one immediate outcome.
@producthunt From ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek: People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Twitter forgot why it’s doing what it's doing. Twitter was made to help people say important things in an attention stretched world. Directness and power and a disdain for beating around the bush is why Twitter with its infamous 140 character limit shot to power. It forced people to condense their thoughts into two short sentences or less. Microblogging — the art of the telegrammatic expression, is why Twitter enabled people to stop writing tirades like this current response I’m writing right now, and to get down to brasstacks. The meat of the matter is what mattered to Twitter. But if you observe Twitter users’ behavioural patterns, they too have forgotten what Twitter is for. And you can’t blame them for that, because Twitter fails to remind them, and it fails to reward those who use it as intended. To get the punchline behind most viral Twitter stories, at least one to two extra clicks is required, or at least a full minute and 30 seconds of my patience, and further reading forces me to delve into 16 or so linked tweets, which is exhausting. If I wanted to feel tired, I’d have just refreshed my Facebook newsfeed. Putting me through 3 clicks or forcing me to wait for a minute to get to what Facebook provides in less than one (timeline refresh) is why Twitter has become redundant and a spit in the wind. If Twitter’s UX evolves to gamify or at least provide social proof for effectively telling stories within one tweet, and rewards ad providers that do the same, I am fairly confident that they will experience a full turnaround on their bottom line. They just need to find their purpose again, imho.
@producthunt Why not remove the character count of a links mentions with a limit to each of course, I haven't gotten that far yet. I'd like to see the focus on a cleaner mobile app. Also, please auto-alphabetize lists on the app, show some more actionable stats like "X unfollowed you", and make the search function for accounts more like google, so that users don't have to leave Twitter to google accounts... now I'm just complaining.
@producthunt I have always enjoyed the dark souls-like challenge of forcing concision. Something I'm generally awful at. Their article made sound arguments and I trust they know the roadmap of their product better than I do. It just is just a change and will melt into the background before we know it.
@producthunt In some cases, I would like more characters, but the whole tweet of Twitter is that every tweet needs to be thought through and rebuilt, so put all 140 characters and it's cool. PS. All tweets fall under the beautiful proverb "Brevity is the sister of talent"
@producthunt People will complain if they change and others will complain if they stay the same. The 140-character limit is based on the then-SMS cap of 160 characters. We've evolved beyond flip phones, the web has evolved beyond ICQ and link directories. "We" all hated when Facebook added the Newsfeed and I'm sure someone complained when automobiles disrupted horse drawn carriages.
@producthunt less is more :) Personally this isn't going to change how people use Twitter, but having a restriction forced people to convey their thoughts creatively and that was a huge USP. Anyways with this change it would be interesting to see how people use the extra space.
@producthunt just brand it as "Retina Tweets" (2x)
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