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Best site for UI designers to learn and discover?

What's the best site (kits/themes/assets, community, tutorials etc...) for UI designers?
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    The best material design, iOS & web resources, every day

    David BaruchelFounder, CaptainParrot & Start The F* Up Β· Written
    UpLabs offers a great selection of Material Design interfaces or design snippets. Nice newsletter too !
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    Epic Pxls

    UI kits, icons, templates, mockups and more, free

    Ciocanel RazvanCo-Founder of EpicCoders Β· Written
    Ciocanel Razvan made this product
    We are building this website to hold a lot of design resources. We design and code some of the products on the site.
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    Designer News

    Hacker News for designers

    Kunal Bhatia52Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp Β· Written
    This is essentially Hacker News for designers. You'll be able to interact with the community, read great articles, get inspiration, etc. I sign up for their newsletter to get updates weekly.
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    Sketch Repo

    Collection of resources for anyone who uses Sketch

    Kunal Bhatia52Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp Β· Written
    If you use Sketch at all, this is the best place to find resources and the assets to customize.
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    UI/UX and Design Inspiration Chrome Extension

    Sunil Neurgaonkar10Growth @ Whatfix (We're hiring) Β· Written
    Once you use this, you will not try any other thing for UI Inspiration. πŸ™Œ
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    Carefully crafted UI design assets

    Stefan Theofilos10Product Designer, Entrepreneur Β· Written
    UI8 is a fantastic site to look up design assets. It's my primary site for inspiration!
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    Create interactive presentations

    Moody BolesFounder & CEO of Imaginators Β· Written
    Moody Boles made this product
    Great for inspiration.