When working full-time, how do you find the time to develop new skills?

I'm a developer. There are several new languages that I'd like to try out/learn. Occasionally I'll have a night/weekend where I have some time to learn. But if I hack on something all weekend, I tend to feel pretty exhausted when the work week starts again. How do you keep your skills fresh if you aren't learning new tech at your job?
It's simple have one project that is around something that your passionate about, hack 1-2 hours every day and that can help improve your skills. You tend to make mistakes if you go as fast as lighting when learning something new. Also, you will find mistakes the next day from the previous day thanks to stepping back for 24 hours, it helps clear the mind.
Goldy Arora
I am into consulting and travel frequently for projects, I purchased elearning subscription, make the course I like offline and then watch it while my travel, I land with a new skill set after every two hours flight:)
Founder, Amplabs
I used to take a few days off every now and then, just to start new stuff. Sometimes would finish my work early and spend Friday on new stuff. Learning curve is steeper at the start. Then it gets easy and learning on the go works out.
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