What are the best tools for effective sales and marketing outreach?

I'm looking for new ideas to increase response rates and engagement with prospects and accounts.
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  1. Chase GranberryAuthorityLabs, Page Modified & PagePilot Β· Written
    Semi-automate outreach and follow up emails.
    Bill WidmerContent Marketer Β· Written
    Simple and effective.
    Jason QueyI help entrepreneurs connect w/experts Β· Written
    I've been a fan of Mailshake since it was ContentMarketer.io. Other tools try to do too much. Mailshake is simple, clean, and effective.
  2. Chase GranberryAuthorityLabs, Page Modified & PagePilot Β· Written
    Great for finding email addresses.
  3. 2

    Send a perfectly matched corporate gift to anyone 🎁 πŸ€–

    Gregory SegallCEO/Founder of Alyce - www.alyce.com Β· Written
    Gregory Segall made this product
    Alyce lets you send personalized 1:1 gifts to prospects and opportunities. Our customers are seeing huge lifts in response! 🎁
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    Take your Gmail game to the next level

    Allan CaegFounder, NorthStories.io Β· Written
    I'd try personalized messages and attachments with Vocus.io Personalized slide decks are interesting because you send them at scale but they appear tailor-made
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    Connect and automate 500+ web apps

    Chase GranberryAuthorityLabs, Page Modified & PagePilot Β· Written
    Great for moving contact info around to/from CRMs and other apps.
    • Matt LovatoMarketing team leader

      Their design is excellent. Behind the scenes its very technical, but the user experience is smooth and easy on the eyes. It does such a great job of taking actions and information in one app and bringing it to your app of choice.

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    • Yuxuan ChenCustomer Success Manager @Qminder

      For extensive users, pricing model is not so friendly. But other than that, it's very user friendly. You don't need any programming background to create Zaps Zapier also has great amount of support document to help you get going and be creative. Great product.

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    PersistIQ makes your outbound sales more effective

    Shaan Puriceo, Monkey Inferno Β· Written
    pretty great for email outreach (and automating followup emails)
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    User-centric analytics & triggers, driven by micro-surveys

    Ben NovakFounded 3 startups, sold 1. Β· Written
    Ben Novak made this product
    Mostly for users or visitors