What are the best tools for effective sales and marketing outreach?

I'm looking for new ideas to increase response rates and engagement with prospects and accounts.
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    Salesflare CRM

    Simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B

    Using a CRM might help you, so I'd recommend Salesflare. You can then see what's been discussed with your customers and respond in a way that is more conversational and engaging. Plus, you can set up email campaigns so that you save time on manually sending out emails to prospects.
    I ABSOLUTELY love this product. Best user experience among the 5-6 CRMs I used (you need like 15m to figure out the tool, there's super-helpful video tutorials as well), and prob around 50ish I've tested. It has an integration with Zapier that supports complex triggers and actions - which can save you a ton of time. My team is using this from everything from a complex early adopter program funnel to B2B outreach & keeping in touch with PR contacts - it's literally saving us 100s of workhours per week while keeping things organized.
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    Connect and automate 500+ web apps

    Chase GranberryAuthorityLabs, Page Modified & PagePilot · Written
    Great for moving contact info around to/from CRMs and other apps.
    Natalia DiaconoGrowth Marketing @Snapcall at @StationF · Written
    Zapier is the best tool
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    Send a perfectly matched corporate gift to anyone 🎁 🤖

    Gregory SegallCEO/Founder of Alyce - www.alyce.com · Written
    Gregory Segall made this product
    Alyce lets you send personalized 1:1 gifts to prospects and opportunities. Our customers are seeing huge lifts in response! 🎁
  4. Chase GranberryAuthorityLabs, Page Modified & PagePilot · Written
    Semi-automate outreach and follow up emails.
    Jason QueyI help early-stage startups find growth · Written
    I've been a fan of Mailshake since it was ContentMarketer.io. Other tools try to do too much. Mailshake is simple, clean, and effective.
    Bill WidmerContent Marketer · Written
    Simple and effective.
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    Voiptime Cloud Cold Calling Software

    Close more deals 3 times faster with our predictive dialer

    Tatyana GoncharIT Business Analyst @ Voiptime Cloud · Written
    Tatyana Gonchar made this product
    This software will be especially useful for telesales, telemarketing companies, and sales departments doing mass outbound campaigns. You’ll appreciate Voiptime Cloud features if you are looking for the solution that would help you to: - process your warm leads or cold databases more efficiently, - automate dialing and related routine tasks, - track the main call center KPIs, and - make the workflow more transparent.
  6. Chase GranberryAuthorityLabs, Page Modified & PagePilot · Written
    Great for finding email addresses.
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    AeroLeads - Email Finder

    Find email addresses of people & phone numbers of businesses

    Hi Kim, it's a great outreach tool! with the help of it, you can add prospects and leads from multiples site like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, Angel.co, Google etc. and increase your outreach for sales and marketing.
    Shruthi KiniSales and Marketing professional · Written
    There are lot of sales and marketing automation tool available on the web but in my opinion you cannot find another tool which is a realtime API like this one to build your database. It also provides one-click transfer to CRM's like MailChimp, Zoho, Pipedrive, freshSales etc. You can email the extracted profiles through its by-product Aeromailer. The tool is neat and fits to all kind of business needs.
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    Instant scheduling, tracking, templates, polls in Gmail

    John AlexanderGrowth @ shoflo · Written
    if you use the google suite this is tool is super powerful.
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    Revive your idle users with insights and predictions

    Mahshid HadadiWish to Design Products People Love · Written
    Mahshid Hadadi made this product
    It depends on your team and product working on! If you are working on an android or iOS application, I suggest you take a look at Hengam. Hengam takes the pain out of identifying and reengaging your app's inactive users to reduce churn and increase happy customers through smart automated data-driven messaging. read more about it on https://hengam.io
    I'm using Hengam almost every day. It gives me a good insight of my app users who are going to uninstall the app. beside , it increases the users engagement of the app through personalized & automated push notifications. It seems they uses something like AI to predict my churning users. I really recommend it for both Android & iOS app owners.
  10. Chris EignerEngineering Manager, Credit Karma · Written
    Super easy to use campaigns.
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    Take your Gmail game to the next level

    Allan CaegFounder, NorthStories.io · Written
    I'd try personalized messages and attachments with Vocus.io Personalized slide decks are interesting because you send them at scale but they appear tailor-made
  12. Saketh Rasakatla18Sr. Digital Marketer · Written
    Contact management, email marketing, autoresponders, push notifications, real-time alerts, landing pages, web forms etc are provided by this all-in-one CRM (sales, marketing and service automation on a single platform). Hope I helped! :)
  13. Natalia DiaconoGrowth Marketing @Snapcall at @StationF · Written
    I've been using it for less than one month and so far is impressive. Cost-effective tool, I can tag the replies and see stats not only about 'open' rates but 'replies' and 'interested' rate. I can do A/B testing with first email and follow-ups. One of the cool things is I can tailor each contact and reach out to them depending on where they are located, so I do not disturb anyone with my emails at night :) If you need to do integrations you can use Zapier and have all the info on hubspot CRM.
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    PersistIQ makes your outbound sales more effective

    Shaan Puriceo of bebo (acquired by Amazon) · Written
    pretty great for email outreach (and automating followup emails)
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    User-centric analytics & triggers, driven by micro-surveys

    Ben NovakFounded 3 startups, sold 1. · Written
    Ben Novak made this product
    Mostly for users or visitors
  16. HyperOfficeMarketing Manager · Written
    uShare.to allows you to engage customers via video, audio and chat, no matter what your touchpoint - email, website, social channels.
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    A CRM with built-in calling, SMS, and email

    BenProduct @ Close · Written
    Close.io recently added email sequences, which, combined with the built in calling features, make for a pretty powerful outreach combo.
    BenProduct @ Close · Written
    Close.io recently added email sequences, which, combined with the built in calling features, make for a pretty powerful outreach combo.
    BenProduct @ Close · Written
    Close.io recently added email sequences, which, combined with the built in calling features, make for a pretty powerful outreach combo.
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    Accessily - Guest Posts Marketplace

    A marketing platform for your articles and guest posts 📝📈

    Amit IluzFounder, Accessily.com · Written
    Amit Iluz made this product
    I think this product can meet your needs by buying guest posts and you can reach really targeted audiences.
  19. K a u s h a lTechnology Writer, Maker in process · Written
    Used lot of CRM's but this is very simple and clean tool so far and working since 6months and would continue with the same. the startup program deal worked for me which was as very affordable for our startup.
  20. Himanshu RauthanDevelop Ecommerce Plugins & Themes. · Written
    HubSpot is a powerful marketing and sales software that converts website leads into customers. This plugin sync user-related data from WooCommerce to HubSpot, which is needed by various tools for further analysis and marketing research in HubSpot.