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What's a good Backend as a Service for ionic framework?

I'm looking for a free and easy to use backend service for Ionic Framework.
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    Hasura Kubernetes Platform

    Parse + Heroku, on your own infrastructure.

    Hasura is a BaaS + PaaS. You get instant backend APIs for data, auth & file storage. Sometimes, the APIs given by a BaaS solution aren't enough. Then you can also deploy your own custom code with just a "git push". Backend code can be written in any language/framework (including Swift, Java8 etc. too!). Disclaimer: I work at Hasura :)
  2. sivaramCofounder - · Written
    firebase has a realtime database, and it also has free tier .
    Nick LouiCo-Founder, PeakMetrics · Written
    Seems like the best choice with the loss of Parse
    In addition to the database features they also have super-simple user-auth/accounts and really affordable data storage.
  3. Edwin KlesmanA maker with a #valuefirst mindset · Written
    I've become more and more of a sucker for Microsoft's Azure (App Services)... if you know C# or NodeJS you can rock it fast with that lego box
    If you're a student (which I am), Microsoft gives out a ton of Azure services for free. The UX is solid, the speed is solid, and it's free, so I definitely make ample use of it.