Jonathon Kresner
Jonathon KresnerFounder, AirPair

Can I bookmark/boomerang products I'm interested in to myself?

You don't always have time to investigate products as you get PH emails. Often it makes sense to investigate later when you have spare cycles or later when a need around the corners actually arrives. Currently, I snooze PH emails when they list an item of interest - but this requires high cognitive effort to go through whole emails and recall which product I care about. I noticed lists of things you have upvoted or commented on. I didn't see a way I could create a list categorized to custom needs/interest... I wish I could bookmark products (ideally single click from PH newsletters or product page). Once I bookmarked say 10 products, PH would automatically send me similar to the daily/weekly digest my own super high signal curated list. Bonus content in the email (i) other curated lists by people I'm interested in (ii) list of other members with same interests/bookmarks.
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