What's the best portable Bluetooth speaker under $100?

I'm looking for a good portable Bluetooth speaker that works fine with iPhone (e.g: battery indicator, good sound)
5 recommended
  1. PrajwalUX/UI Engineer · Written
    The JBL Flip 3 is worth a look. Excellent sound. Works great with the iPhone.
    Sam AndersonExperience Designer at Adobe · Written
    Using mine right now. Superb quality, and gets loud. The feature to link multiple Flips together is a sometimes difficult to get connected right (I think it's a Bluetooth thing) but when it's all connected, playing music from multiple of these guys really rocks.
  2. Robert K.Student. Chess player. Creator. · Written
    Own this thing. Powerful for its size and super cheap.
  3. Chuck BurtProduct and Growth Advisor · Written
    UE Roll 2 -- Comes with a pool float.
  4. Avi ParshanAndroid Developer, YouTuber · Written
    Bluetooth speaker with long battery life for $35 from a good brand.
  5. In terms of value it's hard to beat Amazon's white-label offering. For $35 you get a really solid, durable offering with fairly nice sound. I have the smaller version of this one ($18) which is also excellent.