What's the best portable Bluetooth speaker under $100?

I'm looking for a good portable Bluetooth speaker that works fine with iPhone (e.g: battery indicator, good sound)
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  1. Prajwal
    PrajwalUX/UI Engineer · Written
    The JBL Flip 3 is worth a look. Excellent sound. Works great with the iPhone.
    Have used multiple JBL Flip's in the past, including in the middle of a soccer field while we played. It got kicked around, knocked over, muddy, etc., and had no problem keeping up with us. Solid sound, get's plenty loud enough!
    Sam Anderson
    Sam AndersonDesigning XD with XD @ Adobe · Written
    Using mine right now. Superb quality, and gets loud. The feature to link multiple Flips together is a sometimes difficult to get connected right (I think it's a Bluetooth thing) but when it's all connected, playing music from multiple of these guys really rocks.
  2. Robert K.
    Robert K.Student. Chess player. Creator. · Written
    Own this thing. Powerful for its size and super cheap.
  3. Chuck Burt
    Chuck BurtHead of Growth, Popcart · Written
    UE Roll 2 -- Comes with a pool float.
  4. Avi Parshan
    Avi ParshanAndroid Developer, YouTuber · Written
    Bluetooth speaker with long battery life for $35 from a good brand.
  5. In terms of value it's hard to beat Amazon's white-label offering. For $35 you get a really solid, durable offering with fairly nice sound. I have the smaller version of this one ($18) which is also excellent.