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Any great design tool to capture ideas and store them in a cloud storage?

I'm an old fan of Ember (formerly LittleSnapper) to capture quick design ideas, mainly because it was a neat software and it organised the screen captures in an easy way, but unfortunately there has been a few issues with their integration solution to selected cloud storages and the software has slowly killed itself. I was wondering if there was a similar software out there for this simple purpose?
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    Note taking gets even simpler

    Pretty sure Evernote would have you covered for this?
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    The notes app for creative work

    If you want something a bit more capable of organisation and augmentation of your notes, take a look at Milanote, which I highly recommend.
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    Organize anything, together

    I've started an Ideas Backlog board, which allows me to quickly create a card with a high level title and description. It's working for me at the moment.
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    Produce beautiful notes, quickly and easily. (Mindmaps)

    The other service I've used in the past, which sadly isn't cross platform, is Coggle - quick and easy to map out ideas as 'mind maps'. I find that the categorisation can be both a help and an impediment. The real thing it misses for me is to go from Capture > Detail > Doing something about it.