How much job hopping is too much?

I work in tech. Longest I've been at a job is 2 years. Current job has only been 6 months but I got an offer for 20% more - is it risky to leave? Worried what my resume will look like in the future.
Remote First Capital 🏝 / AngelList ✌️
IMO it's almost always about the reason why you left. Eg. if you got headhunted by an obviously more fitting/interesting company it's understandable. But if you leave fulltime positions (not project based) regularly after 3-8 months it's usually "mutual" and a bit of a warning sign. In case of doubt, this is a good case for reference calls.
Product Designer at Degreed
I think it's partially dependent on the rank of your job, too. If it's clear you're job hopping every six months just for a promotion, or if you're trying to come in at Director level but have only held any position at that level for less than a year, I'm going to be very suspicious. Once you get high enough in the corporate ladder, I expect some longevity, or I'm going to assume you're either not good at your job or don't have the fight in you to turn things around in a less-than-ideal situation.