Been struggling with imposter syndrome for years. Any advice?

I know it's common. But I've been working as a designer for 7 years. Big companies, small, successful startups. From the outside, everyone thinks I'm super confident, but I keep feeling like I still don't know what I'm doing.
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Most people feel some level of imposter syndrome. I did and still do, sometimes. When feeling this way, it's helpful to surround yourself with strong peers and mentors that you trust that can help give you confidence OR tell you when you truly are over your head. 😊
To be honest, I don't think that ever goes away and that's not a problem. No one truly knows what they're doing. If you know enough to get the job done, you're good enough for the job, so no worries!
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a) it won't go away unless you stagnate in your ambition b) imposter syndrome is often a sign of moods w/ less confidence. little wins help to to gain confidence. I learned years ago from @leowid to always have some little win - each day. Sometimes work-wins are outside of your control thus he recommends going to the gym and achieving your daily goal there - or eg keep your meditation streak - but honestly it could be anything you care about.
I suffer from that in my line of work. I've always been told it's a confidence issue. If you lack confidence, then you can't be who you really want to be in your position. Most of the time I think we all fake it till we make it, then we make it and think we didn't do a good enough job to deserve it.
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Be more worried when you 'do' feel like you know what you're doing. I. It isn't a lack of confidence. Being in an uncomfortable place means you're pushing limits and learning. Living in that uncomfortable zone is where I've seen the most growth as a person. You've got to embrace it or it will eat you up inside.