How do you handle clients who don't pay?

I'm a designer & I'm a bit new at this. I left my fulltime job a few months ago and have been contracting. I've already been bit once by a non-paying client. How do I handle/avoid clients who won't pay?
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Not a designer so this might not be applicable - This is how i approach code for hire: For anything that's meaningful to you ask 50% upfront and 50% on defined deliverables. You will still do minor changes if needed after the 100% (If it's bigger changes -> add-on budget) Btw minor trick: people tend to treat freelance workers shittier than agencies. Just fake an agency - this is what i did in the beginning. Storytime: I was in front of one the largest media publishers in Germany: "I can't confirm this deal here and now. I have to discuss this with my team and make sure we can fit this in our timeline. I will get back to you end of this week with changes or a signed offer" - translated this meant: "holy shit i have no idea if i can even do this… holy crap this is the largest contract i ever had… if i dont get someone to help me with this proj i am f***d… somebody PLEASE LET ME OUT OF THIS ROOM"… i gave a smile, a firm handshake and left.
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I've been working with a friend, who sets up an agreement with every client that he'll invoice every 2 weeks. If they don't pay 2 weeks, you might be able to survive it, a month gets hard, a project is generally a killer.
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For any work regardless of its scale and cost, try to setup a few milestones. Two, ensure that you communicate the value you bring to their goals and client understands it well. I am sure that once a client knows that you are a best-fit to do the job - why they may not be willing to pay. It happened with me also, in 2012 but then I realized that may be I failed to win the confidence of the client. It never happened with me again, touchwood.
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If you don't have skills (experience, passion) to negotiate such kind of problems, it'll be better for you to find a person, who will "protect" you from loses. This person can represent you and get some fee. But in "freelance world" this is top#1 situation.