What is the best electric skateboard at price point (i.e. Under $500, Under $1000, Etc.)?

I already have the Blink Board Lite and it is great for riding around the trails by my house but would like to upgrade. I want a full-sized board that could be used for some serious commuting and is a bit faster than the Blink Lite. Have narrowed my choices down to the Boosted V2+ and the Evolve GT Bamboo but would like some other recommendations. Or even some first person reviews on the boards I listed above.
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    $399 electric skateboard by Genesis

    PeteCommunity / Social Media Manager · Written
    The Genesis Stinger is currently on sale. So you can get a $700 e-board for $450. Just click on previous or next product when you get to the site, because the one with the green wheels is currently sold out. It reaches 20 mph and goes up to 20 miles on a single charge.