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What's the best app to see your history?

Timehop is great but I want more than just social interactions. Strava, Fitbit, Calendar appointments, Apps installed, blog posts, etc are also important to see what I was doing X years or months ago and contrast with what I'm doing today
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    Eye-opening charts and data, powered by Quartz 😳

    Ashish Bogawat
    Ashish BogawatUX Designer, gamer, geek... · Written
    Timehop is the best thing I have used for long term memories (last year, a few years back). For very recent stuff - like documents or sites I worked on yesterday or last week - Atlas seems to do it better than any other tool that I've seen. It's a bit of a hog on the resources, but if your computer has the muscle for it, it's pretty good.