Brandon Hyman
Brandon HymanUX Designer, Hulu

What's the best text-based flowchart/diagraming tool?

I'm looking for a text-based way of generating flowcharts. I know there are a lot of options that involve dragging around boxes and resizing things, but looking but with better ability to customize and easier syntax. Something that uses Javascript would be great.
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    Create and share diagrams easily

    Brandon Hyman
    Brandon HymanUX Designer, Hulu · Written
    This is not really what I'm looking for. I don't see the value of this tool over a template in sketch or illustrator. I'm looking more for something that will auto-generate the shapes based on text inputs.
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    VishnuIndie Developer and Maker. 3x Exits. · Written
    Its Open source, User friendly , Easy to customize and yes no signup required😊!
    Franco Laiuppa
    Franco LaiuppaDevops / PM / Developer · Written
    And you can also save to Google Drive and restore later! Superb
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    An easy solution to create product flows.

    Just found this yesterday, 'cause I was also looking for such a tool. Enjoy the free trial! And tell me kindly if there is yet something else worth trying.
    The best visualization tool I've found. It's a pity that it is not open source =(
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    Easily draw diagrams & collaborate with others online

    Justin Mitchell
    Justin MitchellBuilding products @SoFriendly · Written
    Lucidchart is without a doubt the best in my opinion. It's fast, simple, complicated when you need it to be, and supports full collaboration and sharing.
    Jeremy Bauer
    Jeremy BauerContent Designer · Written
    This one's pretty easy to use. It also has tons of integrations—Slack, G Suite, Box, Microsoft Office Suite, Dropbox, Jira, etc— and has mobile apps. I've mainly used it to map stories for writing projects, bit it's a pretty robust tool with a lot of different use cases.
    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    Definitely Lucidchart, has been around for years. Tons of features, works well/easy to use. Can't go wrong here.
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    XMind for Mobile

    Mobile brainstorming and mind-mapping

    Shantanu Raghav
    Shantanu RaghavProduct Guy @Mobiefit · Written
    Amazing tool to create quick flowcharts. dragging & resizing is possible but it beautifully rearranges everything as your map increases.
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    Adioma - the infographic maker

    Infographic maker that automates design using templates

    Text-based flowchart creation. Steep price but powerful, flexible and most importantly - generated by text and tab spaces.
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    Free online diagramming tool for developers

    Vladimír Seman
    Vladimír SemanI work at e-commerce · Written
    Vladimír Seman made this product
    If you like Mermaid, you will LOVE Gleek. It is a free text-to-diagram tool that you can use to create flowcharts and other types of diagrams. 👉 Try to type "Shape1-->Shape2" to get an idea