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What are the best tools for a new startup?

I'm looking for *free* tools available for new startups that can help with anything. Lists and directories that are helpful are welcome too! Thank you :)
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    Salesflare CRM

    Simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B

    Gilles De Clerck 👾✌️ made this product
    This CRM will automatically fill out your address book (+ keep it up-to-date), keep track of all interactions with people you're in contact with and tell you what to do when via automated to-dos and reminders. This enables you to put all your time, energy and focus on talking to people and getting to the greatest product you can build faster.
    Shamit Khemka
    Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia · Written
    Development teams can start exchanging data with Salesflare from a CRM, ERP or other customer related systems.
    • I've used so many CRMs in the past, and have also looked at lots of others too. I was first attracted to Salesflare by the clean design and ease of use, but then was very impressed with just how powerful it is. It integrates so well with Gmail, that it just became a natural extension of how I work. Also the developers have been offering great support too. I highly recommend Salesflare.

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

      Love the way Salesflare automates your daily work with the CRM, it's really comfortable and saves a lot of time, at the same time providing all the most important CRM functionalities.

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    Startup Stash

    A curated directory of 400 resources & tools for startups

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    This is probably everything you'll ever need to get started.
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    A simple, lightweight team collaboration tool, has all a small/medium-sized team might need. Essentially Google Docs meets Trello meets Confluence.
    • Philipp Seybold
      Philipp SeyboldCo-Founder & CEO @ combyne

      Excellent product which is on the right track. In my view the pricing is too high for this stage with 5 Euro/user/ month. G Suite costs 4 euro for it's vast service portfolio. For us a price point at 1 or 2 Euro would feel comfortable.

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    • Nuclino definitely deserves to be as popular as Slack and Trello. Like Slack and Trello, Nuclino focuses on one task and does a brilliant job at it. I really hope this stays actively maintained!

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    Notion 2.3

    Notions big update, now with Evernote import and web clipper

    We are a little team (4-5). We use Notion for our knowledge management. It's flexible and the UI is so great ! 👨‍💻
    • Jason Ephraim
      Jason EphraimCampus Director DigitalCrafts Houston

      Here is a scenario - you want to plan a trip to vegas. So, you create a new Notion page for it and add a table, list, or Kanban board to keep track of tasks and start planning what you need to do beforehand like "check airfare rates', etc. You also start clipping in hotel pictures and links to their get the idea. Sounds great. But, if I use it this way (new section for each project or subject) I might have a dozen other sections and pages in Notion with other tasks or to-do's that I need to keep track of. The bad news is that as it stands now, I'd have to go hunting and know-to-look for these open items. There is no way to search across separate tables/lists/boards. Same with To-do items. Now, you can create a page with linked lists that are filtered. However, you'd have to add a new linked list on this page for any one you create elsewhere in Notion. I can't wait for them to add this task management feature - I'll switch in a heartbeat.

    • There might be nothing like Notion, easy to use, an enjoyment for every readers and writers. The fact that it has a lot of useful possibilities is incredible but it's making me ask if it's necessary or when will it be able to be as good as other apps. It's a wonderful replacement to Evernote, Onenote or Simplenote but not yet for TickTick, or Trello. Let's hope the best for them.

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    A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool

    Beth Hudson
    Beth Hudson4Social Media Marketer, Recruitee · Written
    Beth Hudson made this product
    Recruitee is an affordable ATS (Applicant Tracking System) - perfect for startups and otherwise. You'll want it in order to build the right team! There's a free trial:
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    Everything you need to deliver exceptional customer support.

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    An easy to use multi channel customer support helpdesk that comes with a free plan that is perfect for startups. Comes with a free trial too:
    • It's the best software for customer support that I have ever used. Also, I like its integration with TMetric, it allows me to track how much time was spent on the overall activity in Freshdesk.

    • My teams been using this for over a month and they love it. It's increased visibility on production and helped us get a handle on customer satisfaction per ticket.

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    Freshsales CRM

    A full-fledged CRM for high-velocity sales teams.

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    An easy to use sales CRM built from ground up for high-velocity sales. Comes with a free plan for up to 10 agents that makes it perfect for startups. Try it free for 30 days:
    • Steven Hambleton
      Steven HambletonFounder, Emailancer

      I used Pipedrive for a while but Freshsales is so much faster and the user interface, automations and built in email tracking meant I could retire a few other products.

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    Social Champ

    A social media scheduling platform for all your needs

    Farzal Khan
    Farzal KhanMarketing and Community Manager · Written
    Social Champ is the best way to automate your all social media efforts, day-to-day posting. It brings all the automation a startup owner need to schedule for its social media content which ends up saving time for one and dedicate for other essential tasks. It got the best features from all available scheduling tools in one place, so you don’t have to confusion amongst many options available. We are offering an extended free trial for startups owners and managers. All you need to do is message me. Thank you.
    • Repeating post helps a lot in maintaining of twitter maintenance is the best, It also has "recycle content" feature gives perfect Facebook campaigning also tracks analytics.

    • Team features from Social Champ helps to maintain all business social media profiles, with my team. it saves my time from getting individual follow up from each mate.

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    Notion 2.0

    The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases

    Geordi Dearns
    Geordi Dearns@geordidearns 💻 Developer · Written
    For making task lists, writing out a wiki and having quick-view kanban board I think Notion is the best product for tiny/small start up teams. I have used it for a few tiny solo projects, but also with a small team of 4-5 to organise what we are working on :) - It has a limited free-tier, so it really depends on your team size - but I am yet to reach the limit!
    • Rees Vinsen
      Rees VinsenCEO of Adduco


      We're huge advocates of Trello, power-users of Slack, data-hungry Google Sheet/Doc fanatics and unloyal downloaders of many productivity, Wiki, task management and organisation apps. With my CTO I often mused the idea of building an all-in-one workspace for internal use that sat as our Pandora's box of goodies ranging from development wiki's, onboarding information and branding resources all the way to task management, meeting notes and even time tracking - lo and behold I stumbled across this gem of an app.

      We decided to run Notion for a week in tandem with Trello (for our highly-granular level project management) starting by spending an hour in the evening porting over info to populate a few spreadsheets, wikis etc. I also went ahead and threw personal pages up to trial it on an individual level. 📝Note: if you have a super high turnover of to-do's and an active team you won't find switching over from another app to be a lengthy process. After 6 years of managing a creative agency I reckon I have seen enough task management and organisation apps to last a lifetime, so take my thoughts here with that consideration.


      After a week we drew the following conclusions:

      ⏱ We worked faster with Notion than we did with Trello, Evernote or even a physical whiteboard.

      📦 Today I solely used Notion for the entire workday. This time last week I would have used Trello, Slack (sending meeting notes and memos), Google Sheets, Google Docs, the native OSX notes app and GithubWiki just to get my day ORGANISED!

      📚 Managing client editorials, project budgets, to-do lists and even basic memos and planning has been a breeze. It's great as a lightweight CRM too.

      🛠 We were more organised than ever before. It's great to have a knowledge base for our products, plans and company sitting right amongst our task management tools.


      We have also been left wanting for nothing (👏🏼 Congrats, Notion team) but dreaming of a few things:

      💵 Beefier finance organisation/support. Integrations with Quickbooks, Xero maybe? Make it easier to build budgets and organise our money plans!

      🗣 Room to annotate and collaborate on images/PDF's etc.

      🔐 Function to lock pages so you can't edit, and the little hover tooltip to edit doesn't show up.

      🎨 Integration with design apps - Sketch, UXPin, etc. Many many many creatives will use this app and be left wanting in this area. Think: a creative agency collabs, annotates, refines, develops and more...keep them in Notion.


      The TLDR: Notion 2.0 kicks a** and we'll be using it for a long long time in place of a myriad of other productivity apps and tools. You should too.

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    • I want to move from Evernote (I am a premium subscriber) to Notion, I really do but I don't think Notion wants me to. Whatever I am about to say, I say it with nothing but respect for Notion and in the hopes that it will continue to improve at the same pace.

      First, the good - Notion has the best note editing interface I've ever used. A close second might be OneNote (it's a high bar, mind you) and Bear. It combines the simplicity of Evernote or Markdown with the power of OneNote although, it is missing the ability to use handwriting and doesn't support iPad with Pencil just yet. When it does, it will be perfect. I also like that I can save code snippets. Why is this so hard for Evernote?

      Notion 2's tables, boards and other updates are huge. While I'm sure the in-built kanban board is not as feature complete as Trello, it should be more than enough for most projects. Same for tables. Airtable has a bunch of really cool advanced features but for most use cases, tables within Notion are just fine. Notion is on the right path and I am sure these features will only improve.

      Now for what I don't like - The price is definitely my number one complaint. I will happily pay for Notion when it can do everything that other apps can. Until then, why not let me stay connected to the product with a cheaper paid plan or a better free tier? I pay for Evernote but if I were to consider switching, I can't do so purely because Notion doesn't do a bunch of things that Evernote can (even though it does a lot of things that Evernote doesn't) - Chrome extension to clip articles, emails, images etc., powerful mobile app with business card and document scanning, iPad support etc.

      At $8 a month, it is more expensive than G Suite on a per-user basis. Why not give me 100 - 200 free blocks per month? Let me grow to love it. Let me build a workflow around it. Give me some incentive to tell my friends about it. When you have the features I want (I'm sure you're working on it), let me pay for it.

      Price aside, I would also like to see how Notion fairs for quick note-taking, It's designed to be a wiki-style product and I get that but I'm sure a LOT of people are using it for personal notes. I use Evernote to save one-line notes - phone numbers, quotes, URLs etc. Notion's wiki-style UX is too heavy duty for that kind of use. It would be really cool if there was a "scratchpad" or "quick notes" feature that was not as heavy duty. For these simpler notes, I don't want to organize them into pages, I just want to save them and may be tag them. Which brings me to another feature I could really use - tags. Why limit users to only folders? Why not allow users to just tag notes?

      I could go on but ultimately, I won't be switching to Notion right now, even though I really want to. Cost is too prohibitive but I'm sure I'll be on the hunt for future updates.

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    Mute background noise during calls

    Krisp noise cancellation app is a great tool for startups who make regular conferencing calls on Mac or Windows. It cancels all the background noise filtering out the human voice.
    • Melik Karapetyan
      Melik KarapetyanML engineer and backend developer.

      What it does is a magic. It has two modes. The first one does noise cancellation of your speech those sending only your voice to the recipients and does it really really well. The second mode does the opposite. I'm using it for about a week on daily basis.

    • alan jones
      alan jonesMentor, BlueChilli & Startmate

      Seems to work quite well. Can sometimes hear a little bit of background conversation in behind the active speaker but only when they're talking. I wonder if the algorithm is affected positively or negatively by something like the beam-forming microphones in my AirPods?

  11. Great *free* tool for online appointment scheduling with a lot of powerful features including payment processing, automated reminders, sync with external calendars, creating pricing rules, adding to website, single sign on Wordpress widget, etc.
  12. Agile CRM is one of its kind, all-in-one customer relationship management software that comes with sales, marketing, and service automation. It's built considering the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and perfectly suitable for startups. It also offers amazing features like appointment scheduling, project management, 360-degree contact view, etc. and will help you manage your startup efficiently. As you are looking for a free tool, Agile CRM is completely free for 10 users and you can manage up to 1000 companies and contacts in its free plan. To run robust email marketing campaigns, Agile CRM offers 5000 free emails in its free plan. You can always go ahead and purchase add-on email packs according to your requirements. Read more about Agile CRM's world-class features:
  13. Zeenia Framroze
    Zeenia FramrozeBusiness @ Smartcar · Written
    Clean CRM for startups with easy customization. Decent pricing at the Basic level. Still growing, so they take feature requests seriously.
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    Realtime collaborative whiteboard

    loH4 made this product
    WBO can be used for realtime collaborative mind mapping. Can be very useful during conference calls.
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    IC Project

    Simple but useful project management system

    It is a comprehensive project management tool. It helps you to manage tasks, appointments, contractors, employees and many other things. You'll save time and always have access to the data that you need. ICP is simple to use and effective. Functionalities: ✔️ Project management ✔️ Tasks ✔️Calendar ✔️Time tracking ✔️Messenger and mail ✔️ Wiki ✔️Contractors database ✔️Absence of employees ✔️ Invoices ✔️ Service requests ✔️Ability for clients to login ✔️Resource management ✔️Kanban cards ✔️Gantt charts ✔️Dashboard ✔️Streamand notifications Since when we have IC Project, we do not have to use any other tools. This comprehensive system allows us to manage the team and tasks effectively and easily.
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    Collaborate, schedule & seed your articles omnichannel

    Brik De Maeyer
    Brik De Maeyerco-founder · Written
    Brik De Maeyer made this product
    StoryChief allows you to reach more people with your articles, podcasts and videos
    • Ivan
      IvanFounder of Icons8

      Initially I thought about StoryChief as an automation tool; it's like Buffer, but for articles.

      After used it for a while (since May), I figured out it's also great as

      1) a planning tool

      2) a way to deal less with the WordPress. Somehow I like WordPress, but hate their admin area.

    • Kasper Vancoppenolle
      Kasper VancoppenolleFreelance Growth Marketeer

      I've tried Storychief a couple of times, and I constantly see the product evolving. The team is doing a great job, solving some real pains for anyone in content marketing or editorial teams.

  17. Olga Vakulenko made this product
    This one helps to build an effective seed deck easy :)
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    Behavioral analytics for marketing & product teams

    Free plan has 1 billion user events/actions, unlimited user seats, and unlimited projects.. Great for tracking your customer journeys
  19. Brayn Wills
    Brayn WillsKnowledge Base Specialist · Written
    You can try ProProfs knowledge base software. It will help you create online documentation where you can manage all your business knowledge, without worrying about the safety of your data. It's easy to use and comprises some powerful features and functionality.
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    Communicate personally with every single customer.

    Björn Antonissen
    Björn Antonissen4Freelance designer & developer, YTCount · Written
    Great tool for support
    • Kyle Benoit
      Kyle BenoitI generate free traffic on the internet.

      Intercom is amazing our website started generating 20% more leads through their webchat, and support features, and even our local company was able to generate real sales consultant appointments from Intercom. If you are a service based business you cannot go without Intercom!

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

      A great application to automate engagement with your visitors, focusing on personal approach towards your customers