Robin Singhvi
Robin SinghviFounder, SmartCue | B2B SaaS

What are the tools that small and medium sized businesses use for generating inbound sales leads?

I'm having a tough time finding tools/products/companies that work with the margins that small businesses (in India) typically have. Most charge a significant amount per new lead and that really leaves no margin for a small business.
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    HubSpot Growth Stack

    Tools that grow with your business.

    John Haden
    John HadenNew Product Junkie! · Written
    It's awesome!
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    Pipz Automation
    Caroline Scholles
    Caroline SchollesSocial Media, Pipz · Written
    Great user interface! Pipz has email campaigns, in app messaging, accounts management, business intelligence and much more. The perfect marketing automation platform for SMBs.
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    Connect and automate 500+ web apps

    Juan Vazquez
    Juan VazquezPlatform Engineer @ Zapier · Written
    You can automate a lot of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with inbound lead generation+nurturing with Zapier. It allows you to connect apps you may already use, including free products like Google Sheets, to make your own workflows. Here's a guide we wrote on this topic:
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    Notebook for Mac

    The beautifully simple note-taking app from Zoho. Now on Mac

    Shantanu Raghav
    Shantanu RaghavProduct Guy @Mobiefit · Written
    Great tool with great support team!
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    Growth Bot

    Coaches startups on growing their business through feedback

    Ben Novak
    Ben NovakFounded 3 startups, sold 1. · Written
    Ben Novak made this product
    Automate leads, surveys and basically anything you want. Even youtube views :)
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    AeroLeads - Email Finder

    Find email addresses of people & phone numbers of businesses

    AeroLeads is always a great option for Inbound Sales and also a cost-effective choice for lead generation and marketing. It provides leads and prospects on real-time and generates the most accurate result for your search. It's a great solution for sales and marketing. Worth giving it a try!
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    Network Leads
    Network Leads Support made this product
    At the moment they are designed especially for moving companies only but If you're in the leads industry you'll find it very useful. You have all kind of tools to easily contact your leads, set up lead grabbing and sales management. You can actually buy a phone number and send & receive SMS messages directly to your leads. Also, the basic plan is free :)