What are the tools that small and medium sized businesses use for generating inbound sales leads?

I'm having a tough time finding tools/products/companies that work with the margins that small businesses (in India) typically have. Most charge a significant amount per new lead and that really leaves no margin for a small business.
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    HubSpot CRM

    Organize, track, and sell

    TrooMobileNew Product Junkie! · Written
    It's awesome!
    • David Ferguson
      David FergusonFounder, 5000fish, Inc.

      I've been using HubSpot CRM since it was in Beta and it's really matured into a powerful CRM. I do pay for the Sales Pro tools which unlock a lot of power. There are some limitations however that make it a bad fit, you can read more about those in this review - https://www.techsmartboss.com/blog/top-things-you-should-know-about-the-limitations-of-hubspot-crm-with-workarounds/

    • Julián Maya
      Julián MayaFounder, Sensorglobe

      I applied for the program through Start-Up Chile accelerator for my startup.

      It is a bad product, it lacks of quality, features and it is expensive. That is ok, you have the choice to deliver bad quality as I have the choice to find other solution.

      But I can not cancel hubspot account, now we are attached to a 12month contract per agent without any advert. I'm watching how they take my money every month even when I am not using it, and i begging them to cancel my account, they refuse.

      Keep away from hubspot for startups, this is more a SCAM than a support program.

  2. Caroline Scholles
    Caroline SchollesSocial Media, Pipz · Written
    Great user interface! Pipz has email campaigns, in app messaging, accounts management, business intelligence and much more. The perfect marketing automation platform for SMBs.
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    Connect and automate 500+ web apps

    Juan Vazquez
    Juan VazquezPlatform Engineer @ Zapier · Written
    You can automate a lot of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with inbound lead generation+nurturing with Zapier. It allows you to connect apps you may already use, including free products like Google Sheets, to make your own workflows. Here's a guide we wrote on this topic: https://zapier.com/learn/101-way...
    • Matt Lovato
      Matt LovatoMarketing team leader

      Their design is excellent. Behind the scenes its very technical, but the user experience is smooth and easy on the eyes. It does such a great job of taking actions and information in one app and bringing it to your app of choice.

    • Yuxuan Chen
      Yuxuan ChenCustomer Success Manager @Qminder

      For extensive users, pricing model is not so friendly. But other than that, it's very user friendly. You don't need any programming background to create Zaps Zapier also has great amount of support document to help you get going and be creative. Great product.

  4. Shantanu Raghav
    Shantanu RaghavProduct Guy @Mobiefit · Written
    Great tool with great support team!
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    User-centric analytics & triggers, driven by micro-surveys

    Ben Novak
    Ben NovakFounded 3 startups, sold 1. · Written
    Ben Novak made this product
    Automate leads, surveys and basically anything you want. Even youtube views :)
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    Find emails + phone numbers of businesses

    Sheejo George
    Sheejo GeorgeBusiness Development Manager @ AeroLeads · Written
    Hi Robin, For small and medium it is one of the best tools which also provide custom plan based on your requirement. Worth giving it a try!
    • Found AeroLeads through its blog which contains content on digital marketing and lead generation and makes it so much more easier to understand. Check it out here. https://aeroleads.com/blog/

    • Shalini Yadav
      Shalini YadavDigital Marketer Freelancer

      AeroLeads is a good tool for generating leads and prospects with accuracy. AeroLeads is a good CRM tool for generating leads and prospects. It is a multipurpose tool- unlike other tools which can only find emails or just can add leads to the CRM databases, AeroLeads has a floating button whenever you open a LinkedIn profile, you can just click the AeroLeads icon and add the leads to your AeroLeads dashboard. On your AeroLeads dashboard you can find the added prospect with name, title, and employer, in addition to it you can find email and phone number of the prospect and an option to add that lead to your CRM tools such as Salesforce.