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What's an simple Mac Menu Bar app to store images (eg gifs and memes)?

I regularly use the same gifs and don't want to google them all the time. I remember i saw an app like this on Product Hunt but can't recall the name.
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    CloudApp 4.0

    Lightning fast media sharing and screengrabs

    Not a direct solution. But I use it for "storing & forgetting". Their menu bar app allows searching by name, contents, text or color. Again, might not work for you in some cases.
    Sutrishna SahaDigital Marketing Manager · Written
    Most of the time, this doesn't work. I have experienced it couple of times.
  2. 13 3.0

    Smart bookmark manager

    Antonio BolognaFullstack Architect & UI mastery · Written
    I use Raindrop chrome extension, and they have a mac app as well. Maybe a little bit overkill on what you're looking for, also there's Google Bookmark manager if you want an even simpler approach to image bookmarking, not entirely saving images, but just bookmarking.
  3. 9

    Drag & drop images from Mac menu bar

    Have been using this for months now, does the job with ease.
  4. 2

    The easiest way to share files

    Lance LoefflerShapeshifting Reptilian · Written
    Best & Easiest way to capture & share files on any platform
  5. Let's you quickly grab text and images and organize them into folders, right from your menu bar.
  6. 1

    The fastest & easiest way to share screenshots

    good alternative to CloudApp