Antoine Plu
Antoine PluFreelance Designer

What are the best menu app bar for world clock?

I'm looking for a Mac menu app bar to replace the official "Date & time" with something that can manage multiple timezones with a simple click. Nothing fancy nor calendar management, just being able to display the city name in the bar with the local time. Any suggestion from remote people/teams?
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    The macOS app for anyone working in multiple timezones.

    Antoine Plu
    Antoine PluFreelance Designer Β· Written
    @onaliugo found me this exact right app I needed πŸ™Œ
    • diymanik
      diymanikDesign @ Thistle Health

      I have friends back in Toronto and I have a tough time remembering what time its best to message them. This is super helpful for allowing me to plan calls and video chats

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    • Mark Tiderman Jr
      Mark Tiderman JrDeveloper, Streamlined Studio

      I've been using it for a few months and I'm really impressed. I live in Cincinnati and work with clients across the globe.

      I highly recommend using bartender with this app as you will need the extra real estate if you add multiple timezones.

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    Keep track of people in different time zones

    Edwin Halim
    Edwin HalimTech and startup enthusiast Β· Written
    Simple and convinient. I will combine this with itsycal to make the perfect replacement for menu app bar. Now i can see multiple clocks/region + have a calendar dropdown when i click my calendar
  3. One click, multiple timezones, which you can also drag a time bar back and forth and it shows you the time in their country! Super handy when you need to know what your 8am is in their country!
  4. Peter van Teeseling
    Peter van TeeselingGlobal #printhacking community connector Β· Written
    iStat menus is a broad monitoring app for your menubar. Time is one of the functions - customize the display and list additional timezones.