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What's your MUST download app for new iPhone users?

iPhone season is here πŸ“± What's your #1 app on iOS for new iPhone users / apps even 🍎 veterans might not know about?
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    Instant 5.0

    Personal analytics, now with a new dashboard & goals

    Kartik Chaudhari
    Kartik Chaudharifueled by innovation, starting up Β· Written
    Can automatically track your phone usage, fitness, sleep, travel & places in background. Helps a lot!
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    The social podcast app 🎧

    John Ababseh
    John Ababseh10Epiphany Enthusiast Β· Written
    Only for iOS, but I use it almost every day, and you can follow people/friends to see what they're subscribed to and listening to. Follow me!
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    • Gil Fewster
      Gil FewsterTinkerer

      Adding a social layer to listening and discovering podcasts is a nice idea, but Breaker doesn’t appear to offer any easy way to unlink social platforms or erase your profile/data of you change your mind. Given the incredibly vague privacy policy, it’s asking for a big leap of faith.

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    • I am using this app in every commutes. It has some handy features as the 'jump silences' in podcast that can make you win up to 5 min per podcast

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  3. Mohammed Rafy
    Mohammed Rafy5All things Community Β· Written
    It's a go to app for everything that's happening around you. Tweet
  4. It's a must have to forget one of the most annoying problems of the digital age: passwords.
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    Product Hunt 4.0

    Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨

    Sam Cholera
    Sam CholeraFounder @ iSpy Sport Search Β· Written
    One of the reasons I am switching to Apple... no PH Android app
    • Arun Sathiya
      Arun SathiyaHappiness Engineer, Automattic

      Product Hunt 4.0 is the best that has happened to Product Hunt yet. Easily one of my most favorite websites these days, and I see myself coming back daily to maintain my streak. I am at a 20 day streak now and I hope to see badges evolve with daily streaks - some sort of perks for people coming more often?

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    • Ramy
      RamyFounder @ Letterfuel

      This update is super useful for people deciding whether or not to use a product. Sometime you want to do a deep dive into a product before deciding whether or not to use it.

      The "😻 reviews" feature, as well as the "πŸ”— Around the Web" section makes this deep dive super easy.

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    Polymail iOS

    Simple, beautiful, powerful email for iOS

    Sam Ayres
    Sam AyresWeb developer Β· Written
    Works on both iOS and MacOS, very functional email client with snooze and archive swipe functionality. (Also it's free)
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    Nuzzel 2.0

    Discover top news stories & feeds from your friends

    Craig Deakin
    Craig DeakinProduct evangelist + marketing Β· Written
    Make sure you don't miss anything, discover breaking news.