Anna KovalHead of PR & Comms at Skylum

What fitness app you are using and why?

I'm looking for a fitness app
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    I would reccomend to try this app. The app helps you to train correctly anytime/anywhere. The camera analyzes all movements during exercises and corrects you if necessary. So check it out! :)
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    Free Calorie Counter , diet and excercise journal.

    Felice Della GattaBrand identity and product designer · Edited
    I mostly use this app for calorie counting and weight logging but it can also track water intake, excercise and it's also a social network. Definitely worth a try!
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    Felice Della GattaBrand identity and product designer · Edited
    I looked at the transformation videos they have on youtube and got hooked. Used it to work out for more than 6 month in a 2 square meter area. Amazing results if you can keep up with the personal trainer (only on paid plans)!
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    Do workouts with AI, rather than alone

    Gennady Sidelnikov made this product
    I promote my product)) With AI Personal Trainer you don't really need a Personal Trainer anymore: just launch the App and start working out! Our App recognizes your movements through your smartphone camera and gives you tips on how to perform every move in a way that is most beneficial for your workout goals.