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Is there a lightweight alternative to Intercom for quick, easy user feedback?

While I'd love to use Intercom, it's too expensive for my needs right now. So I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a cheaper alternative for easily collecting feedback. Something that has minimal hurdles for users to jump over.
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    A beautiful, simple live chat for websites.✨

    Alex ShvalevCEO & Co-founder, Chaport Live Chat · Written
    Alex Shvalev made this product
    Chaport is cheaper and simpler alternative to Intercom. It has free forever plan for 5 agents with unlimited chat history and beautiful desktop apps for Mac & Windows.
    I like this product. Easy and fats! Exactly fits my needs!
    Product is very fast and effficient!
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    Customer communication tool for support, marketing & sales

    Daniil KopilevychSaaS Growth Marketer · Written
    Daniil Kopilevych made this product
    HelpCrunch is good for customer feedback & support; as well as sales and marketing campaigns. Intercom vs HelpCrunch comparison is here - https://helpcrunch.com/intercom....
  3. Jason GrillsCustomer & Product Growth Manager · Written
    Jason Grills made this product
    ProProfs Chat is a cheaper alternative to Intercom and having all the functionality of Intercom. It also has forever free plan too. It is worth trying that is why I would recommend you try ProProfs Chat. It has the same features and even more than Intercom that will help in not only capture useful customer feedback but also qualified leads for the business.
    Shrey GuptaProduct Growth Manager · Written
    Henry, I see what you are pointing at. I’ve seen a lot of business owners switching from Intercom because at one point it becomes an expensive deal. That’s why a lot of them search for its counter-parts that are cheap and offer the same benefits (if not all). Keeping your search in mind, I’d say give ProProfs Chat a try. It’s way easy to use and even supports a forever free plan. Plus, collecting feedback becomes a piece of cake with this live chat tool. Here have a detailed comparison between both: https://www.proprofs.com/chat/in...
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    Catch 'em all. Keep 'em all.

    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Freshchat is totally what you are looking for. Great pricing and incredibly powerful. It's the newest from Freshworks Inc. and packs everything for businesses of all kinds.
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    Live chat with your to-be customers straight from your Slack

    chatterbox is very easy to start, Now we are responding our customers right from our slack. No agent login is required to communicate.
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    Premium live chat and help desk software for business.

    LiveChat is a bit cheaper solution with clearer pricing. What's more, it's possible to adjust its functionality to your particular needs – you can link specific communication channels or pair it with the software that you actually use.
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    Drift 2.0

    A scalable way to talk to your customers

    Pulkit AgrawalCEO @trychameleon for user onboarding · Written
    Drift is similar to Intercom but probably a little more for sales / growth (their lead gen bot is great). Other options include Hotjar and oLark. I'd recommend you check out the Segment catalogue for this, as that contains a lot of startup-relevant tools in this space: https://segment.com/catalog
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    Crisp Livechat

    The most modern experience to talk to website visitors

    Baptiste Jamin made this product
    Crisp is a minimalist alternative to Intercom. It also has native mobile apps and a cool free tier.
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    Communicate personally with every single customer.

    Jeroen Corthout ☕Co-Founder Salesflare · Written
    Go for the real thing. You won't regret it. I wrote a post here about what makes the Intercom product so great: https://blog.salesflare.com/how-...
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    Unified inbox, CRM & analytics for sales teams

    Benjamin PowellProduct manager & Co-Founder · Written
    Benjamin Powell made this product
    Not only has it got multisite live chat built in, but its also going to unify your email, twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook page messages, Line and more. This is built more for sales teams though. *disclosure I built this.
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    Simplify user research. Design products people love.

    Hey Henry, It's no surprise that when you wish for unobtrusive customer feedback and a modern survey software Qualaroo never goes unheard. If you haven't already then I'll tell you some of its USPs: 1. Ask the right users, the right questions at the right time with Advanced targeting for actionable user insights. 2. Color match your company palette, Add your brand logo and custom text, position of the nudge and explore the Design API 3. the Templates by Qualaroo lets you easily create online surveys in minutes. 4. Qualaroo's feedback engine is Powered By IBM Watson's Sentiment Analysis AI. 5. Confirmation Page Surveys. 6. exit surveys to uncover why potential buyers aren't converting. 7. Using branching or skip logic within surveys. 8. Net Promoter Score surveys. 9. Get answers/feedback without emailing, interrupting, or irritating. 10. efficient AI-Powered Analytics & Reports 11. Lightweight, setup only takes minutes to complete, it never slows down your page.
    When it comes to collecting feedback, Qualaroo is one of the oldest and trusted names in the business. It's a simple tool that is easy to set up and never slows your page, offering you white-labeling options and tons of customizations. It's powerful Nudge™ technology allows you to collect feedback unobtrusively. With Qualaroo’s Sentiment Analysis powered by IBM Watson, companies can automatically collect the sentiment, keyword and emotional scores of text-based feedback from their users.
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    Live chat and live support for your product

    Andrey Azimov🔮 Web3.Career - Web3 Jobs · Written
    I'm using it in all my project. Free, no messages limits. Easy to set up, Mobile app, Full-screen chat from the link. Only one restriction that history will be visible 30 days in the Free version. It just works. Recommend!
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    Net Promoter Score platform for boosting customer happiness

    It's a respected methodology, and a better feedback metric because it's both quantitative and qualitative.