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What are your favorite projects made with Unsplash?

I've used Unsplash for a ton of projects, curious to see what other people have built!
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    Replace your new tab page with focus goals

    Nick Abouzeid37Words at Product Hunt ✌️ · Written
    Momentum uses Unsplash images as daily backgrounds for every Chrome tab. Been using Momentum for years, love it!
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    Organize anything, together

    Ivan Mir3maker of Qbserve time tracking app Β· Written
    Just in case you didn't know, Trello now allows searching Unsplash for backgrounds even on free accounts.
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      Nick AllenHead of Marketing at FileInvite | Kiwi

      Brilliant for managing all your project backlogs in a Kanban fashion. Including a list for the DIY tasks around the house.

      As a Marketer I use this daily to manage workflow, sort ideas around future content and prioritize my activities. My team collaborate and report using handy integrations with Google and we use it as a Customer service and Sales script repository to store links to docs and how-to videos.

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      chuchuDeveloper, Andela

      Trello has helped me organize my projects for a while now. Since I work as a software engineer. An example of my boards is sort of where I create tasks then I classify them according to their current position on the sprint. For example I have tasks in different cards such as Icebox, Backlog, Current Iteration and Done. I have set deadlines all ranging from 2 weeks to someday :(. Overall a great product!

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    A minimal and sharable task list.

    Nick Abouzeid37Words at Product Hunt ✌️ · Written
    John and the rest of the team have built a beautiful task list for teams. And of course, they use Unsplash to help make your to-do list even more aesthetically pleasing. Kudos πŸ‘
    John Xie made this product
    Taskade displays images from Unsplash as backgrounds. Users also have the ability to select from a set of background images.
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      EthanπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€ Making KanbanMail & Code The Web

      The best todo list app out there, really nice UI! It is very flexible - it can be used as a vertical Kanban, weekly planner, simple todo list, bullet journal or even for note taking! It can even be used for collaboration with a built in chat. TRY IT 😻

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    • Just started using, really like the simplicity and the look

      Hope it won't be overloaded with features (except for critical ones, like moving tasks between lists)

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    Devan SabaratnamCo-founder at hrpartner.io Β· Written
    Well, mine is a little different from everyone else's I am guessing. We actually used Unsplash to make our Error 404 and 500 screens a little more 'human' in our HR app. I wrote a short blog post about how we did it in the link.
  5. Among many other photo collections, I have always enjoyed this component of buffers products, with such a simple process to creating unique imagery, packed with a lot of image solutions.
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    Beautiful photos from Unsplash w/ products from Product Hunt

    Jenil GogariDesigner. Explorer. Geek. Β· Written
    Jenil Gogari made this product
    Open a new tab with something to look forward to!
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    Quickey Tab for Chrome

    The fastest way to launch websitesβ€”with custom hotkeys ⚑️⌨️

    Daniel LinProduct Designer Β· Written
    Daniel Lin made this product
    Quickey Tab uses Unsplash for their photo backgrounds on every New Tab, but it's also useful & great for keyboard-shortcut / productivity lovers!
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      Adel Ahndental student

      I've launched 1419 tabs and saved more than an hour from typing these websites/finding on bookmark list. I always have the Quickey tab as a default when I am just chilling so I get to see the cool background pictures- or even shuffle them. I also have fun remembering these keys that I've set and launch websites without even looking at the keyboard- like a memory game!

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      Steve WuFounder-in-Residence, Atomic

      simple and effective solution to a problem I didn't realize I had πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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