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What is the best time registration tool for a freelancer/small team?

Preferably with a clean and simple interface, and not with too many features.
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    John Xie
    John XieSimplicity is the key to brilliance. · Written
    John Xie made this product
    Taskade is a clean way for teams to check-in and see who is online and collaborating. You can also use it for video conferencing, and chat.
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    insanely simple free time tracking

    Franck Mahon
    Franck MahonVP Customer Success, Netvibes · Written
    Has some nice integration features to track your time in other products (Asana, Trello, ...)
    PrerakAll things Design! · Written
    Used it occasionally. Nice UI and features.
    I like the fact that the timer travels with you from your PC to your phone. Also like the reporting screens. Has just the right amount of features.
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    Timely for Apple Watch

    Scheduling and time tracking, right on your wrist

    Troy J. Thomas
    Troy J. ThomasCreative Director · Written
    Clean interface and always adding new features.
    Committed development team and excellent communication with users. It is very easy to use, and I keep my time with it.
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    Quidlo Timesheets

    Best 100% free time tracking software for small teams

    Radoslaw Holewa
    Radoslaw HolewaCTO & Co-founder @ Miquido · Written
    Radoslaw Holewa made this product
    This one might be interesting for you. Our time tracking was based on Google Sheets but it was hard to aggregate data and have a good overview of how much time was spent in each of our projects. So we have decided to create a simple tool where users just select a project, type description and start live tracker. Then you can share a report with your client and that's basically everything. There are no more features and we don't plan to make the product complicated. If it sounds like a tool for you, then please give it a try and let me know what you think:
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    Stoyan Daskaloff
    Stoyan DaskaloffLead Designer @ SmartSuite · Written
    Awesome reports, simple interface and great integrations
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    David Nielsen
    David NielsenInterwebs Marketing · Edited
    If you need GPS tracking or integration with QuickBooks, Xero, etc., TSheets can be a good option. Amazing support as well.
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    Automatic time tracking for your Mac

    My app Timing automatically tracks time spent on your Macs. That's perfect for your purposes, as it lets your team keep track of time without having to worry about start/stop timers. Also, I'm currently working on a brand-new version, launching next month. That version has been built from the start for the needs of freelancers and small agencies, with a ton of new reporting features and optional start/stop timers if you need them. You can sign up for the beta at
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    Time tracking tool for big teams

    Nenad Milanovic
    Nenad MilanovicCEO at Clockify and Pumble · Written
    Nenad Milanovic made this product
    Free, even for big teams!
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    Because it is an easy to use tool, intuitive, and because it helps you from kick-start to invoice!