Shannon Clarke
Shannon ClarkeElectrical Engineer & Software Developer

What's the best app to manage meeting agenda and minutes?

I'm looking for an app that makes it easy for my team and I to record and share meeting agenda and minutes as well as track completion of action items. Real-time collaboration would be a plus but not necessary
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    Taskade 2.0

    Create tasks, notes, and video chat, on the same page. ⚡️✏️✅

    John Xie
    John XieSimplicity is the key to brilliance. · Written
    John Xie made this product
    You can create team meeting agenda instantly using Taskade is real-time, cross-platform, and registration-free, instantly shareable for team chat, conferences, and collaborative editing.
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    A simple and beautiful app for 1:1s and team meetings 👏

    Shannon Maloney
    Shannon MaloneyMarketer - Growth · Written
    Shannon Maloney made this product
    Check out SoapBox! It's an app where you can build team meeting agendas, one-on-one meeting agendas, take notes, follow-up etc. It's free to use and offers authentication through Slack, Gmail, and Microsoft Teams
    Hiba Amin
    Hiba Amin5Content Marketing Manager · Written
    Big fan of SoapBox! It's helped add more structure to my one-on-one meetings and has definitely moved the conversation from being more one sided to actual two-way dialogue. Would highly recommend!
    It has changed the way I participate in one-on-one meetings. The UI is very clean and I love how it is free to sign up. I would definitely recommend SoapBox!
  3. Manuela Bárcenas
    Manuela Bárcenas4Marketing @ · Edited
    Fellow is a lightweight app that managers and their teams use to: 📝 Create meeting agendas ✅ Assign action items 💾 Save meeting templates for recurring meetings 💡 Receive suggested conversation topics and questions for their 1:1s 📌 Track feedback, priorities, and goals — all in one place. The app is entirely customizable, which means that you can get as creative as you want with your meeting agendas —  while having the option to save the templates that you love! Features include: -One-on-one meetings -Team meetings -Feedback -Goal setting -Smart suggestions -Integrations with Slack, Google Calendar, Office 365, MS Teams & Human Resource Management Systems like BambooHR and Workday. ***If companies like Shopify, Vidyard, and SurveyMonkey trust Fellow as their meeting & feedback app, you should too 😉 Sign up and try it for free: — your team will thank you!
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    It's a more of a general purpose documentation tool but it's great for meeting minutes and agendas. Checklists can be used to track the completion of items, everything can be managed and collaborated on in real time.
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    Supercharge your team's meetings

    David Adamu
    David Adamu3Maker. Product Designer @Andela · Written
    Try Meetingbird. Works really well with Gmail as well.
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    One app to help meetings be more productive

    prince bazawule
    prince bazawuleDesigner, Dev, PixlD Inc, DJ, Gooner! · Written
    Does what you want, hopefully: manage meeting agendas and minutes. Give it a go!
  7. Gabby Hoang
    Gabby HoangCustomer Success · Written
    If you are a Salesforce user, I would highly recommend Meeting Assistant. It helps prepare your meetings with various agenda templates, capture and sync meeting minutes to Salesforce CRM wherever you are. Meeting Assistant for Sales optimizes your Sales process by making customer data instantly available on Salesforce. The app focus on high-value actions to increase your sales as well as to keep your team happy and productive. Since Salesforce has mobile app, it also means that you can log your meeting minutes to Meeting Assistant on Salesforce mobile and voilà, the processs of capturing meeting minutes become easier than ever.
  8. Best Minutes of Meeting Web application
  9. MeetingMapper
    MeetingMapperInventor of Meeting Mapper · Written
    Meeting Mapper allows you to plan, schedule and execute your meetings and log your business miles and track your expenses in one app.
  10. Meetly is an app for managing all your meetings in one collaborative space You can create agendas with your team, assign tasks, document and confirm decisions and take group or private notes. The workspace is customizable so you can make it work with any type of meeting and track the things that are important to you. It's free to use and integrates with outlook and gmail calendars.