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Drew Reynolds
Drew ReynoldsSoftware Developer at Gramercy Tech

What is the best, time-saving developer tool you use today?

Bonus points for including what slows you down during work and you wish you could speed up.
5 recommended
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    Dash 3.0

    Offline docs & reference for 150+ APIs, languages & tools

    Jens Alfke
    Jens AlfkeMobile Architect, Couchbase Β· Written
    Quick searchable access to documentation of every language/API I use.
  2. 4
    Forest Admin for Django

    Ship an admin panel for your Django app in a few moments

    Sandro Munda
    Sandro MundaFounder and CEO at Forest Admin Β· Written
    Sandro Munda made this product
    DISCLAIMER: I'm the founder of Forest As a developer, you have to build your product and the admin interface. You have to reinvent the wheel again and again: CRUD, search, filters, charts, actions, etc. Forest generates instantly a fully customizable admin interface of any web applications. The developers can focus on the product instead of wasting time of an unloved admin (and business teams are happy to be autonomous on a beautiful admin :D). Of course, we use Forest at Forest 😎
  3. 2
    GitHub Projects

    GitHub takes on Trello with new project management tools

    Jevin Sew
    Jevin SewMaker of SubscriptionZero Β· Written
    I'm a command line guy, but the visual diff on GitHub Desktop is just super useful. Reminds me of Visual SVN's diff.
  4. 1

    Your development environment, in the cloud

    Justin Mitchell
    Justin MitchellBuilding products @SoFriendly Β· Written
    I don't know what I'd do without this tool. It's so simple to get a new project up and running or test out a framework on GitHub
  5. 1

    The smartest way to work on your projects

    Alex Kaul
    Alex KaulResearcher & Maker Β· Written
    Alex Kaul made this product
    I made Freeter to save time as a developer and maker. Here is a quick article on "how I hacked my workflow": https://medium.com/@alex_kaul/ho...