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What's your favorite Gmail plug-in?

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    Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    Not a Gmail plugin, it is a Chrome plugin but works really well with Gmail. An absolute necessity when it comes to being able to write clear, concise, error-free email copy.
    • Robert Melkonyan
      Robert MelkonyanCo Founder - Profunders Club

      When you use grammarly, they put some kind of advert for youtube, so when you watch youtube videos, it will stop and their advert will start. Note, this is not a youtube ad, this is an ad directly from them.

    • Ben Adamski
      Ben AdamskiDeveloper. Storyteller. Collaborator.

      The browser extension is a must have, but I regularly pass my emails through this, or draft them in it just to catch dumb mistakes and make noticeable grammar improvements on the fly

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    Instant scheduling, tracking, templates, polls in Gmail

    John Ababseh
    John Ababseh10Epiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Was using mixmax as a beta product and now just got so accustomed to it
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    Supercharge your team's meetings

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    I was a fan of Mixmax, but it turned out to be not so great on low bandwidth connections. So I ended up disabling it. I still needed a tool to schedule meetings and I looked beyond Calendly and picked Meetingbird. Loving it so far.
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    CRM in your inbox - for Gmail

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    Love Streak. Enables me to prioritize my emails, and most importantly track them.
    • Jonathan Knegtel
      Jonathan KnegtelBuilding

      I've used Streak for + 3 years and has always been my go to. I've set it up for clients for sales, project management and my personal inbox.

      Support is always willing to help and once you think you have mastered it, there is another hidden feature. (formulas in a CRM anyone?)

      Make sure to hold an onboarding session for your team and commit, it will pay off.

    • Robert Stojnic
      Robert StojnicCTO, Factmata

      Indispensable for managing hires and pipelines, been using it every day for months. However, it frequently takes a couple of seconds to load, and can take longer to retrieve old emails assigned to a box.

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    Clearbit Connect

    Rapportive on steroids. See data about contacts in Gmail.

    Darshan Gajara
    Darshan GajaraProduct Designer · Written
    Seamless, un-disturbing and very useful for someone who does a lot of outreach.
    James Gill
    James GillCEO, GoSquared · Written
    I used to use Rapportive back in the day and Clearbit Connect does everything Rapportive used to do, but with more finesse. Clearbit Connect is a massive timesaver and even has a few hidden features like the ability to find people from companies via a "Find Emails" feature. Hugely valuable.
    • I just can't see paying $466 per month for a license -OR- giving them complete access to all of my contacts.

  6. Barron Caster
    Barron CasterProduct & Growth @ · Written
    Great for sending personalized email blasts from your email. Doesn't have the same janky URLs or "from" fields as all other email platforms (e.g. MailChimp, Intercom).
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    Gmail Mail Merge

    Send personalized emails with attachments

    Amit Agarwal
    Amit AgarwalWeb geek, Tech columnist · Written
    Amit Agarwal made this product
    Send personalized emails in bulk from your Gmail account with the help of a Google Sheet.