Allan CaegFounder,

What are good alternatives to Evernote Presentation Mode?

I often find myself doing screencasts of client reports using Evernote Presentation Mode. Used to walk through Google Docs, but found this approach to be far clearer and more elegant. Now, I've been enjoying SlideBean and HaikuDeck, but such tools would be overkill for this purpose. What are simple yet powerful ways to present text?
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    Take better notes, your way

    Helen NashFormer UX Architect at Pipedrive · Written
    I suggest NoteLedge - it's actually pretty easy to create presentations in this multi-functional app that's mainly meant for note-taking, but also has quite a few features that make it very handy for taking notes, organizing digital and web content, journaling, creating to-do lists and doing some light PDF editing. Check it out. It's one of my favorites
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    Present anything as a slide to anyone, anywhere

    James GillCEO, GoSquared · Written
    Swipe is a really neat tool for writing markdown documents and presenting them live as a presentation – popular with teachers, as everyone watching can also follow along in real-time if given a link to the deck. Super super simple presentation software that might do the trick here!
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    Dropbox Paper

    Collaboration tool built for teams

    David Adamudesigner of the future 🦄✨ · Written
    Check this out