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Matti HeubnerMarketing at Iris Health

What are the must-have menu bar apps for Mac?

Looking for some more useful tools to fill my menu bar :)
13 recommended
  1. 13
    Bartender 2

    Organize and hide menu bar items on your Mac

    Chris MessinaπŸ† #1 Hunter! Β· Written
    This is a meta-recommendation, but when you end up with too many menubar apps, you can stash them in Bartender
    more space for more apps!
  2. 12

    Adjusts your computer's display to adapt to the time of day

    Jack DweckSenior Product Manager at Rakuten Β· Written
    Can't go a day without f.lux
  3. 7
    Magnet for Mac

    Keep your workspace organized

    Chris MessinaπŸ† #1 Hunter! Β· Written
    This is one of the simplest way to resize and position windows on your Mac!
  4. 6

    Keep your Mac from going to sleep

    This one is brilliant. Prevents you from digging around in the system preferences when you want to change how long until the screen goes black. Clicking it in the menu will prevent your mac from locking or going to sleep 🀘🏼
  5. 4
    CloudApp 4.0

    Lightning fast media sharing and screengrabs

    Niv DrorΒ―\_(ツ)_/Β― Β· Written
    CloudApp! How I make all the GIFs :) and I see a ton of people use it for sharing screenshots and screen recordings in Slack
  6. 4
    CopyClip 2

    Clipboard management done right

    Robert ByeProduct Manager at Figma Β· Written
    It's literally a life saver
  7. 3

    See the current temperature & weather in your Mac's menu bar

    YannProduct Enthusiast Β· Written
    Weather at a glance β˜€οΈβ›ˆπŸŒͺ🌨
  8. 3

    Powerful keep-awake utility for macOS

    Chris MessinaπŸ† #1 Hunter! Β· Written
    I used to swear by Caffeine, but I like that Amphetamine is built on a modern codebase and has a ton of features (few that I use though).
  9. 3

    Click a button to hide all the desktop icons on your Mac

    Julie ChabinHead of Product Design at Product Hunt Β· Written
    If you like Bartender 2 to keep your menu bar clean, I'd recommend HiddenMe to hide icons on your desktop.
  10. Antoine PluDesigner @BankMemo Β· Written
    Using it everyday without any thinking, it became a standard for me
  11. AmaΓ«l SikelAndroid developer Β· Written
    This CPU Monitor shows you how much you're crushing your CPU via the DOOM face. More injured = bigger CPU load. Totally pointless, therefore absolutely essential.
  12. 1

    Super-simple screen recording tool that makes GIFs

    Jonathan WilsoniOS Software developer Β· Written
    Jonathan Wilson made this product
    Records Gifs at 12fps and is designed for power users like developers or designers. Its really great for sharing what you are doing on your screen with friends.
  13. Khoa PhamI make macOS, iOS and web apps. Β· Written
    Khoa Pham made this product
    For people who use and search emojis a lot