What's the best screenshot app for Windows?

I've made the full time switch to Windows and need a way to capture screenshots and recordings. Annotation is a bonus!
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    Screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool

    Definitely ShareX.
    I was using Greenshot before discovering ShareX in the reddit of WIndows 10. Have tons of tools, I think its the best one
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    Quick and simple way to share screenshots

    Pretty nice tool. Fast and flexible.
  3. Avi ParshanAndroid Developer, YouTuber · Written
    It's built into your system and works really well!
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    Craig WilliamsBuilding AskDigsby.com · Written
    Also, with a touchscreen / pen, you can scribble on top of the grabs.
  4. Free, lot of functionalities and shortcuts
    I like the fact that it is quite light on the system and has tons of options to speed things up.
  5. Stanislav DimitrovJuggling too many projects. · Written
    Simple, clean and have both Windows and Mac versions.
    very simple and easy to use
  6. Brad EngelSenior Product Leader · Written
    simple and powerful
  7. Great for screenshots/screencasting fragments or entire web pages with the ability to annotate and edit in the browser, post-screenshot.
  8. Celine CarpetProductivity, travel · Written
    Of course Cropro. Simple and easy to use, it has a nice ui and beautiful stamp/stickers. http://bit.ly/327yaYa
  9. Ksenia BorisovaGetSiteControl, Content & Communications · Written
    I used to work in tech support which meant every day I had to do lots and lots of screenshots to help explain things to clients. Lightshot worked just fine for me (it still does, I just make fewer screenshots now). Press print screen > select area > add an arrow or some explanation text > done. If you are looking for a quick and easy app, you might want to try this one.