What's the best screenshot app for Windows?

I've made the full time switch to Windows and need a way to capture screenshots and recordings. Annotation is a bonus!
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    Screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool

    Definitely ShareX.
    I was using Greenshot before discovering ShareX in the reddit of WIndows 10. Have tons of tools, I think its the best one
  2. 6

    Quick and simple way to share screenshots

    Pretty nice tool. Fast and flexible.
  3. Avi Parshan
    Avi ParshanAndroid Developer, YouTuber · Written
    It's built into your system and works really well!
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    Craig Williams
    Craig WilliamsSide project launching soon. Honestly! · Written
    Also, with a touchscreen / pen, you can scribble on top of the grabs.
  4. Free, lot of functionalities and shortcuts
    I like the fact that it is quite light on the system and has tons of options to speed things up.
  5. Simple, clean and have both Windows and Mac versions.
    very simple and easy to use
  6. Brad Engel
    Brad EngelVP Product at Fetch Rewards · Written
    simple and powerful
  7. Great for screenshots/screencasting fragments or entire web pages with the ability to annotate and edit in the browser, post-screenshot.
  8. Ksenia Borisova
    Ksenia BorisovaGetSiteControl, Content & Communications · Written
    I used to work in tech support which meant every day I had to do lots and lots of screenshots to help explain things to clients. Lightshot worked just fine for me (it still does, I just make fewer screenshots now). Press print screen > select area > add an arrow or some explanation text > done. If you are looking for a quick and easy app, you might want to try this one.