What is the best coding app for Android?

I'm looking for an android app that teaches coding (python, java, js ...).
Your recommendation
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    Learn anything on your phone 📱 from Swift to Astrophysics 🚀

    Py is great for learning how to code. Check it out
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    Mimo 2.0

    Learn to code on the go

    Mimo is also a great alternative.
    Mimo is also a great alternative.
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    • I finished the full Learn Swift course on Mimo and can't say enough good things about it. I could learn in small bites day by day on the train, in the elevator, or wherever which was incredibly helpful for a busy guy like myself.

      However, I submitted feedback (both through the Flag icon in each course slide, and through their regular support email) and have recenved zero response to the slide by slide feedback, and my request to their support team (because a lesson patently doesn't work as far as I can tell) which I sent 4 days ago yielded a response from their support person saying they'd ask their developer but it's been radio since ever since.

      Trying to utilize coursees like the XCode / IOS app dev course which require that you click particular icons and navigate the XCode GUI are not usable at all - there's no way to zoom in on the images and overall I really don't think they lend themselves to this platform.

      So, overall I still LOVE the concept and for certain things would recommend it but I question whether the developer has their head in the game - which for a service that charges me a monthly subscription fee is pretty disheartening.

  3. John Ababseh
    John Ababseh10Epiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Udemy has an awesome mobile Android app in addition to website and has some of the best courses